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Your Business Must Be Unique (Especially Online)

My Shopify Failure Story

Since I was 16 years old, I've searched the internet in hopes of finding a breakthrough idea that can become my dream career. I remember reading a blog about how people make money talking about anything they have a passion for. I also read about creating Shopify stores with various niches to choose from. It all sounded awesome and since then I've wanted to create a successful online business. A little after I turned 20 years old, I decided to dropout of college to pursue my dream business. I got a job and raised money to start my online Shopify store, which has cost me a lot of money. Though it is not succeeding, it has taught me a lot about online businesses. I know my mistakes now and I now know how to succeed online (I will talk more about my actual online successes in future stories, this one is more about what to avoid).

Branding Is Crucial

Everyone probably thinks this one is a no-brainer, but yet sometimes when we start, we forget it's one of the most important things in business. We don't entirely forget about branding when we start, that's why we take so much time coming up with the business name (the brand name, the legacy). My shop's name is, which is supposed to be a brand that sells products for the whole family online. Really cool, right? It would be if Amazon was just the name of a rainforest or an ancient female warrior tribe. There are thousands of online shops selling goods for the whole family. My problem was that my brand wasn't unique. The shop didn't have unique designs, I literally sold things that other sites would sell. If you're interested in starting a Shopify store, I recommend you use micro-brand. So if you want to sell clothing, shrink it to t-shirts. And then make sure you or someone in your team makes it unique by designing it yourself/themselves. Then target a specific group of people like political humor. Though this lowers the amount of buyers, it does make easier for you to compete since there aren't as many people making t-shirts about political humor. Now the next thing is promoting, somewhere I wasted a lot of money on.

Promoting Must Also Be Unique

I would sell products cheaper than the big sites and I still didn't sell much. I would pay between $5-$60 on advertising on FB and Instagram to promote my cheap prices but didn't make many sells. If I was promoting workout leggings, I would target the ad for women who were interested in fitness and leggings. No sells though. I realized I wasn't the only one doing this. I knew there was going to be a lot of competition but like this. I mention discounts and I had Black Friday deals, and still nothing. If it weren't for these failed advertisements, I would have not known that my branding wasn't unique. I should've had leggings with dog designs and target dog lovers who are interested in leggings. I should've of also used audience insights on FB to see the largest age group interested in dogs and leggings. Hopefully, if you guys want to make a Shopify store, you won't waste money on these ads.

More to Come

This is my first blog on businesses so that explains why it's not too long. I also didn't want to overwhelm you guys with too much information at once, and that's why I'm making more blogs about online businesses. I also know a lot about investing, social media, I've overcome anxiety and can teach you how to build good relationships in more blogs. 

Thank you so much, feel free to follow me on Instagram, @cloutlessteacher.

Let me know if you want to see videos on these topics too.

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Your Business Must Be Unique (Especially Online)
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