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Your Boss Doesn't Care!

Some Things Your Boss Probably Doesn't Care About

OK so I just saw an article called  "Six Things Your Boss Wants to Know About You." Yeah OK that's great, well here's what your boss doesn't care about. Your boss doesn't want to hear a long rant about your life. Now ask yourself why—because he has better things to do with his time than listen to how your child colored on the wall yesterday. Your boss is a busy person, don't waste his/her time going on rants or giving long stories. I'm quite sure your boss would appreciate a shortened version of whatever you're about to say.

Also, your boss doesn't actually care about your life outside of work. False. Maybe he cares a little bit, but he's not jumping to ask you questions about it. If you feel so inclined to tell your boss about your life, ask him to dinner or golf. Even by doing this, don't go on rants about things your boss most likely doesn't care about. Condense the story.

Now although your boss may not care about you, you need to care about him. I understand it makes no sense and may be a double standard, but it's true. Ask your boss how his day is, ask about the family, and ask about him. If he gives you a long story, well guess what, you have to stand there and take it like a champ. By asking these questions you may not care about, it will help you in the end. Now, when I say it might help you in the end, basically you could get a raise or promotion.

OK, another thing your boss doesn't care about is your family. Your boss may act like they care or maybe you have a really nice boss who actually does care. Basically, don't talk about your family. All you need to say is, "Yeah I have a husband" and how many ever kids you have. If you feel the need to give names and ages, anything after that might bore them if they don't ask about it. Like I said before, don't go on rants about what amazing thing your child just did.

Now I'm not saying all bosses are bad, because that's not true. I'm just saying 90 percent of bosses are bad and don't give two craps about you or your life. If you have a boss who does care about you or your life, you should feel really special. If your boss truly cares about you, there will be many perks. Things like paid vacation, pay raises, and promotions will be in your future if your boss likes you. I know they say you should kiss butt, but I mean, is that who you really want to be known as? If your boss likes you, they like you, if not, then get over it, it's as easy as that. Don't be all upset because your boss doesn't like you because guess what, he probably doesn't like half the other people at work either. Also, he probably doesn't even like work himself.

When it comes to your boss, just be yourself. When having a conversation with him, don't bore him to death. Try to hold a decent conversation and make the majority of it about him. Bosses love to hear themselves talk, so let him do most of the talking. They are also very powerful, so don't waste their time. Don't go on rants about what you did yesterday because your boss isn't going to care. Also, don't feel like you need to kiss ass to be employee of the month. Just remember your boss probably doesn't care!

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Your Boss Doesn't Care!
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