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You Model? Really?

Not Your Average Type

I am a model. I have been doing it since 2012 but that is not what I tell people. I don't tell people I am a model. Why do you think that is? Is it because I don't want to be judged? Is it because I am scared of what people say? The reason is none of those things. It is because once I tell people I am a model questions fly in their heads. I am then labeled as that model girl. The questions tend to be all the same. How are you a model your not that tall? How are you a model you have tattoos? How are you a model they are thin? How are you a model you have flaws? I get instantly observed and looked at. Yes, I am short and yes I have things a typical model doesn't and why is that? That is because the "normal model" are all skinny, tall, exotic, long legs, and interesting. That is the type of model society makes us think about. Not models like me. 

Models like me are not glamorous and do not walk on the runway. Models like me model for things typical people don't think about. I have been a wife, I have been in the kitchen, I have had kids, I have been a dental assistant, and I have been the girl next door. These are the type of things I model. I am a commercial print model and I portray the everyday woman. I am the woman in the picture frame and I am the woman on the box of the pool float you want to buy. I am the woman who makes you feel like we are the same. I am not like the high fashion models who make people feel they do not meet beauty standards. I am the one you can relate to. 

The type of modeling I do is not glamorous and will not get me famous. It is something I like to do and I don't use it to make myself seem better than others. It is a hobby to me that I pursue on the side. There are other aspects to modeling that makes it more of a struggle but overall I don't want to be labeled as the model girl. I don't want to be put in that category. That category makes people change their perception of me. There is so much more to me than being a model.

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You Model? Really?
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