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Writer's Block

Usually I can do it, annoyingly so, but nowadays I just can't seem to string a fictional sentence together.

Usually I can just simply write for hours and hours and hours, but recently I've found it hard to even formulate sentences together, let alone paragraphs and chapters. Currently I am endeavouring on both a book (the second in a series I'm writing) and a play. Both are playing to my strengths, so are crime fiction.

The book, as I mentioned, is the second in what I'm planning will become a series. It follows my two main characters in the aftermath of the first book, and how they overcome that and work together to solve the mystery that I've conjured up for them. However, I seem not to be able to find the imagination to create their newest world. I have the plot in my head, yet am unable to overcome this first foothill to get into it—which wasn't a problem I faced last time. In this book I'm having the two main characters (who were good friends) become distant from each other, until they receive a summoning to an old abandoned theatre (I'm also introducing other characters in the same way, to get their backstories out of the way before introducing the explosive action!). It seems to have been taken away from my head, however. I can't seem to formulate how to fill the year-long gap for these characters. It's easy for me to think of how, but when I come down to write these chapters, my head builds a thick wall to stop all creativity from leaking out of my fingers onto my keyboard. It's quite annoying.

The play I'm writing is a Christie-esque play. It follows a fictional political figure as he has to work with an incompetent DC (Detective Constable) to solve the murder of his good, old friend. It's an interesting plot (even if I do say so myself), but I just can't seem to get past the interrogation scenes. It feels like I'm rehashing Act One for the audience, which not only will be boring for them—but boring for me to write! Funny thing is, I had Act Two planned out in my head long before I got to the stage of writing it, but it has since disappeared from my head. I know the killer, and the motive, and the way they did it, but I just can't seem to find the words to allow my audience to see that. 

I just hope as the dark nights draw in I'll be able to find the wintery spirit to finish these projects.