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Working From Home

A Stay-at-Home Mom's Story

I love writing. It brings me joy every time I begin to write things down. I've always wanted to publish a book, create songs, and even become a ghostwriter. This has always been my dream. As I grew older, I had to put my passion for writing on the back burner and journey into the working industry. I would have stuck around, but I just couldn't, for I knew that there was so much more for me to do and accomplish. I knew having a regular 9-5 job just wouldn't cut it. I was tired, miserable, and bored, so I got out of the rat race and decided to create some ideas in which I could generate income from home.

During my first two years, surfing the internet for work from home jobs, I was scammed. And I mean REALLY scammed. The results of those two years did put me in a state of depression at first, but then it truly started to fuel my determination to succeed. At this point in time, I decided to research legitimate work from home sites and job boards that could help me find the right fit for my personal interests. I connected on sites such as,,,, and These are just a few sites that I check on a regular basis to see what's new inside the world of work from home jobs. Also, these sites categorize the jobs from phone work, non-phone work, data entry, paid survey sites and paid product reviews sites, mircotask jobs, transcription jobs, how to create online courses to teach at sites such as, how to create, manage, and successfully launch a blog to earn money, and my all-time favorite: how to make money writing!

Now, if you are a lover of writing, like myself, you will have a pen and paper in hand to take notes on these sites to research later, at your own convenience:

1. Freelance Writing

This is by far the BEST way to get yourself known in the online world for writers! Beginners, like myself, would have to create a portfolio to showcase that you have what it takes. The website entitled, Fiverr, is a great way to display your talents, display your price for your services, and, if you do an amazing jobs, I'm sure you will draw more clients towards you! Freelance writing is a surefire way to land yourself that awesome writing career you've always wanted!

2. Write for certain companies.

You have sites such as The Sun, Article Documents, Content Divas,,, and many others, that are willing to pay writers a certain fee for their work. There are also many sites that accept poems or poetry for a certain fee, so if you love to write poetry (like I do!), then consider sites such as TheThreePennyReview, The Poetry Foundation, and

As a result of my will to achieve my work from home desires, I can call myself a freelance writer. I don't feel guilty for following my dreams of becoming a writer, so if you have what it takes to be one, I HIGHLY recommend that you pursue all avenues possible!