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Working for Massage Envy

Selling overpriced and unnecessary product is not really my skillset.

I worked at Massage Envy for six weeks.

By week two I discovered that my receptionist position was actually more of a salesman job. Selling hundred dollar products, spa treatment upgrades, membership agreements, etc.… I’m not a salesman. Receptionist work vs salesman work is quite different. I'm a great receptionist—appointment setting, answering calls, greeting clients with a smile. Selling overpriced and unnecessary product is not really my skillset.

By week three I became the focal point of gossip which easily happens in a work environment made up primarily of females under the age of 24. I mentioned to a coworker in passing that I might want to request a day off from my work schedule to accommodate my COLLEGE schedule. I mentioned this to only one of the girls but by the very next day, every single girl who worked in the spa was talking about it as if it was a bad thing. To be honest, my college schedule is 100% always going to come first and whatever little part-time job I have will never be more important than my college schedule. Part-time jobs are TEMPORARY. My college degree comes first because it leads me to being able to start my real career. My energy, attention, and availability will always be directed towards college before everything else, including whatever little temporary job I'm working at. Regardless, I became the focal point of gossip because of this.

On my fifth week working there, my car had issues and I ended up stranded about an hour and a half away from the Massage Envy location where I worked. Therefore, I was unable to come to my shift. I sent my manager proof of my car situation with a video and she never even texted back.

On my sixth week working there, my schedule suddenly changed and I wasn’t notified of the schedule change. I had no idea I was scheduled to be at work until I got a call from a coworker informing me that I was an hour late for my shift. If I knew I was supposed to be at work at 9 AM, I would have been there at 9 AM. I didn’t know, nor was I informed that my schedule had suddenly changed. I don’t know why no one called me to tell me about my abrupt schedule change… It seemed very unprofessional and honestly kind of fucked up. Then a few days after that, my manager called me to tell me I was being let go from my position without giving me an actual reason why. I asked her for clarification as to why she wanted to let me go but she refused to give me a concrete reason. My car issues which caused me to miss a shift, plus me not knowing about my schedule change are presumably the reason.

Anyways, the positives I gained from working there are that I was able to use all of my free time completing my homework. I actually got super ahead on all my homework—like three weeks ahead on all my assignments. I was also able to use the printer there to print out all of my homework assignments. Another benefit is that I was able to take home sample products from the Massage Envy skincare line to give to my mom. But yeah, that’s about it.

I worked four days a week and I never made more than $200 on a paycheck... so yeah, I for sure was not having my financial needs met.

But working there in the first place was chill because it help me feel productive even though we weren’t doing difficult work. My intentions were to remain working there until right before Christmas this year, since the winter semester of my college classes are going to start right after the holidays. I already knew I wasn’t going to be working at Massage Envy long term anyway, but getting fired without a legitimate reason is very shitty. If the reason I got fired was because of the day my car trouble left me stranded or because of the day I was late to work because I wasn't aware of my new schedule, it would have cool and mature of my manager to at least explain that to me. But I'm not an idiot so I'm fully able to form my own conclusion on the matter without her explanation.

My overall rating of the job would be a 5 or 6 out of 10 because even though the work environment was gossipy, it was easy and didn’t require much stress.

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