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Working as My Influencer

Levels and Benefits

Being an influencer can be tricky, and often comes with little to no reward. We may get free products here and there, but our efforts in promoting such products often comes without commissions. While not everyone wishes to make risky investments for the gain of potential income, I am offering a better solution to fellow influencers to make money from their posts without entirely emptying their pockets.

I am a market partner for an amazing haircare company which is naturally based, toxin free, vegan, and cruelty free. Our products have given the most amazing transformations, and those who share their transformations are always beaming with excitement in having their dream hair. While the products are considered pricey to the standards of basic haircare products, there is truly no comparison in quality and quantity of our products versus those you can buy in the supermarket. We offer haircare products for women, men, and children, making our market a large one.

When you become an influencer of these products:

  • Gain exposure to a team of over 25,000 men and women
  • Expand your network and exposure by a reputable company
  • Have the chance to earn commission, transform your own hair, earn free products, and more!

Every influencer who wishes to join me will first pick one-to-three products they like for themselves and purchase them at an associate's price (40 percent off retail) and have their items shipped directly to them. Once you create your first post about the products, you enter level one.

  1. Level One: Bring in ten sales, recruit at least five VIPs, have two clients sign up for flexship (you can be one of them). Commission: 50 percent
  2. Level Two: Bring in 15 sales, recruit at least six VIPs, have two clients sign up for a flexship. Commission: 55% percent & receive a product of your choice, 40 percent off. If you chose to enroll as a VIP, I will personally reimburse you for the $20 one time VIP sign-up fee
  3. Level Three: Bring in 25 sales, recruit at least 12 VIPs, have five clients sign up for a flexship. Commission: 65 percent, receive a free product of your choice, & receive two products of your choice at 40 percent off.
  4. Level Four: Bring in 40 sales, recruit at least 16 VIPs, have eight clients sign up for a flexship. Commission: 75 percent & receive two products of your choice at 40 percent off.
  5. Level Five: Bring in 50 sales, recruit at least 20 VIPs, have ten clients sign up for a flexship. Comission: 28 percent & receive one free product, two products at 40 percent off.

Once you reach level five, you will rank out of the influencer program and I will personally pay for you to become a market partner. This means after you complete each level, I will sign you up as a market partner where you will individually handle your own sales, receive five full size products, product samples, and tools to start your own business. This is over $300 value!!

However, if at any point you wish to become your own business, I will be more than willing to help you sign up to do so.

If you wish to stay in the influencer program, you will stop at level five commission, but can still earn free & reduced price product each time you achieve the level five goals.

Want to earn bonuses?

  • Every 10 VIP and/or flexship sign ups = $20 cash bonus
  • Get someone to sign up as an influencer = $5 bonus after they make their first sale
  • Get someone to sign up as a market partner = $25 bonus per market partner sign up

What is a VIP? A VIP is a customer who receives products at a 15 percent discount price, free shipping on all their orders, receives a birthday gift, and can earn rewards such as free products for being loyal customers. To enroll as a VIP, a customer must make a purchase totaling $84 and pay a ONE TIME FEE of $20. This ensures they will be a VIP for their life time.

What is flexship? Flexship means a customer will sign up to receive products automatically, like a box subscription. They chose which products they want and when they wish to receive their next shipment. They can chose dates individually, so it does not have to be every month, but can be every other month, every three months, etc.

To join the program, please reach out to me personally! This is a great opportunity to both work from home and build your professional network.

[email protected]

To keep track of your sales, you will create biweekly google doc spreadsheets which include information about your customers and their orders. Because this is direct sales influencing, your customers will most likely ask about the product before purchasing. I do ask that you redirect them to me, and I will make sure to ask who they were redirected by in order to give you full credit for the sale. Regardless, you should ask customers to send a screenshot or picture of their order confirmation. Doc spreadsheets should include a customers first and last name, order number, and purchase total. You will be paid bi-weekly via Venmo or Payapl. 

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Working as My Influencer
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