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Work From Home Jobs

Legit Ones

Indeed is the most trustworthy website there is for work from home jobs. Legitimate work from home gigs exist sure, but not every website is legitimate. If you do not get a response from a website that promises work from home jobs, then that’s a scam. But if you get a response, the work from home job is real. Don’t buy it if companies send you a check pretending it is your money. Some prey on innocent people with this sort of scam as I was scammed like this last year. I believed the check was real, but the bank said it was fraudulent. I got my account back filing a police report on the culprit.

But I didn’t go back to my old bank. I stayed put with a credit union. I didn’t feel like I could go inside my bank to ask if the check was real. The scammer said that I shouldn’t go into the bank. Wow, that’s obvious brainwashing. Work from home jobs can be work from home copywriting, grant writing, proofreading, and editing. I’m qualified for many of those types of jobs. I’ve applied for online English teacher jobs but some require a teaching English as a second language certification.

I’m having immense trouble finding a job that suits me. Some websites do not thrill me like Flexjobs. I tried on that site for a year and didn’t find anything. Indeed is an “aggregated job board which means their platforms pulls job listings from all the other major job board sites.” If a company has a name, then they are real, whereas some jobs that don’t mention a company, those are questionable. Real jobs get back to you while fraudulent jobs lie, and this is a solid fact when it comes to work from home scams.

I have never used Jobspresso but they vouch for their jobs by hand-screening every single one. I have attempted to set up a profile on but my profile wasn’t going through for some reason? I tried to get it to work but it didn’t necessarily work. I would try Rat Race Rebellion soon as well. Real Ways to Earn Money Online is another website I have to try. I trust and Work at Home Success is probably vouched for but I have to see what is out there before I try anything else.

I didn’t know much about scam prevention when I started this find a work from home job quest. A thorough Google search can help prevent scams by finding out if something is a scam, to begin with. The Better Business Bureau helps determine whether something is a scam or not by posting positive or negative reviews. I have never filed a complaint with the Rip Off Report before but I will eventually need to. I have to say that Glassdoor is awesome because you can read reviews. Reviews help cement the image of the company you want to work for.

There are many legitimate work from home jobs out there. I have to keep plugging away at it until I find a job in a work from home field. I know I’m having trouble making decisions though. I need to decide to work in one field. I keep changing my mind. I’m confused as to what I want, which would a copywriting position, perhaps. I can write, edit, proofread, and copyedit. Scammers do not want to be found and I have personal experience with this. She didn’t want to send me her LinkedIn profile. I was way too anxious about getting a job when this all happened. But now I realize there are other work from home options. I’m going to keep trying to apply until I get something.

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Work From Home Jobs
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