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Work From Home

Ready to make extra income or work full time at home?

Are you ready to start making extra income or ready to make it a full time job FROM HOME? Are you tired of working so much that you STILL don't make ends meet?

Yup, that was me when I got pregnant and put on bed rest right at the beginning of my pregnancy. And it sucked because when I got off of bed rest, I was a little over 20 weeks and every job I went and applied for denied me because I was pregnant. So pretty much since I have been pregnant and after (10 months), the longest I've held a job for was three months out of that time. Yes, my fiancé was making money but not enough to pay all the bills plus a new born. 

Below are some LEGIT ways to work from home. 

1. Drop Shipping

I love drop shipping. Yes it take a little while to actually get sales, about a week or so. I got sales within a week because I did research on Google and YouTube.

I'm not going to explain drop shipping now because this would be a very long article. I will make a different article for that one. 


Yes, this website. Though at first you might not make as much as you want, you will make some type of money. If you would like to make a lot off of this website... then go PROMOTE your articles. Yes, you have to do some work yourself. Promote. Promote. Promote. Go on to Facebook and find writer's groups. Find as many groups as you can and just ask people to review it and get feedback from them. The more feedback, the better writer you become. 

3. Dosh App

A lot of people use this app and it's a really good way to get a couple extra dollars. You get $5 for signing up and linking your card. (I promise you, I've been using this app for a long time and they won't go into your account.) You get $8 for every friend that you refer who signs up and links their card. I made around $100 my first day using that app.

Here's the link.


I love this website. You can sell your talents on this website. Whether you are good at making videos, promoting people's work, website designing, designing book or magazine covers or ebook covers, editing, proofreading, or more. I do editing, proofreading, and ghost writing. I make a good profit off of there, around $300 a month. It could be more but I don't put all of my effort in that website. I know people on that site that make it their full time job and make $3,000-$5,000 a month!

5. MyEcon

Now unlike the others, this has a start-up fee of $35 but I would say it's worth it. I never used it but a close friend of mine uses it and was able to buy a house from all the money she's making from that site. She makes $1,500 - $2,000 a week.

Here's the link.

6. Call Centers

This is another one I don't use, but I know you can sign up. There are two different websites where you can work from home doing call center jobs. I don't like the idea of a lot of people having my number so I don't do this but it's an option you can do. 

7. Surveys

You don't make much on this. I used to do them. I've only made like $10-$15 within a few months so I don't think this option is really worth it. But if you find a better way, definitely do it! 

8. Listia App!

I love, love, love this app! You can bid on different items and even on gift cards. (Gift cards are the reason why I count this as a way to make money from home.) 

9. Sell used items.

I don't do this. But anything you don't use at home, put up on Ebay or the Mercari app and sell the item! It's a great way to make money!

10. Joyride App!

I've won about $700 on this app and I just got it. It's like trivia. You get to play one free trivia a night. It's fun! It almost paid all of my rent!

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