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'Wishes Upon the Stars'

A Wattpad Story Posted by Me

Book Cover Wishes Upon the Stars Created by Me (Sept. 2018)

I am here to expose my inner and outer most personal experiences in all life through writing my own books. Although unpublished, I do post them all on a free Android app and site called Wattpad. What I'm sharing today is one of my stories called Wishes Upon the Stars. This is on a very high fantastical world where romance entices from four different men in four different but similar timelines. Where my experiences can be found are in the romances from the main character and the four men.

|The Description|

Wishes Upon the Stars is a romance, short story set where Aisha Reid just moved to a new town while being transferred to a new university. Little does she know that she would be bumping into what seems like four romantic adventures. What a twist it would be when she found out that she's reliving them in a different timeline! Conflict arises when she finds out that one of them is in a coma and feels like she's stuck in time.

The main character Aisha Jina Reid portrays myself when moving to a new town and experiencing the love life. Entering one can sometimes lead us blind. For Aisha, she meets four guys who have some kind of connection altogether: the brothers Jim Jin Kim and Jonathon Kim, Gary Thorns, and Carlton Jax. There is one important supporting character from that of the name Gwen Park. However, I cannot talk about her more since her role plays an important one. Aisha's love life won't be an easy one in Wishes Upon the Stars, especially when one or two them are sexually wanting her.

WARNING! This is a mature content, romantic kind of book. If you have a problem with swearing or reading a small part of light, sexual, graphic scenes then this book isn't for you. Not every single one of us are all comfortable reading one particular book; everyone has their own taste and preferences.

|The Inspiration of Writing "Wishes Upon the Star"|

When we write a story, whether it be a short story or a novella, it must be our own original work. Now, inspiration is everywhere around for us to take in (locations, movies, songs, etc.). This is particularly essential and beneficial when we get writer's block. I mostly look for inspiration towards music, movies, TV series, and personal experiences that I've already walked upon on and lived through. Taking something from our past and putting that in our own stories not only makes it personal for us, but at the same time it makes the story and characters realistic rather than making it stereotypical. This is the best way to make your own work an original, while there are people out there somewhere who would take more than just a small part of a movie or book to make it their own. We would be seeing this and saying to ourselves, "I've seen/read this somewhere before."

While the romantic part of the story is through my personal romantic path, I saw inspiration as a whole from a Korean teen drama Click Your Heart: the coma part and the four different paths I took in, but I put in my own twist: Aisha is stuck at a certain time, and the only way to move forward in time is to figure out who took her heart away. These four guys are her love interests, but if she chooses the wrong choice of who she thinks her "boyfriend" is—well, it won't end well. It may sound like it, but I actually haven't gone far into writing that part of the book. It's up to me whether or not to make Aisha make one wrong choice of who she chooses.

Want to know more? Finally intrigued? Give yourself a read on the app Wattpad, or just simply go to the site Wattpad.

I already have a couple of chapters posted on the very book.

~ Yours Truly,

Shann Allyson

Link to My Profile - Look for 'Wishes Upon the Stars'

Shann Hernandez (@ShannAllyson) - Wattpad
**CURRENTLY EDITING Secret Identity: A Lizzy Mystery** I'm pretty much a big romantic at heart, so I'll be mixing in romance in every book I write. My main gen...
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