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Why Your Company Should Have a Mobile App

Trust me, you need to read this!

The average UK adult now spends around 2 hours 29 minutes a day on smart devices, with 85 percent of that time being spent using apps. This is making it a great business opportunity for companies of all industries to start creating apps, helping them promote their business. With improved technology it is now a lot easier to make a mobile app that can do a variety of things to help improve your customers experience. In this blog, we discuss why your company should have a mobile app.

Be visible to customers at all times.

Once a customer has downloaded your app they are constantly being reminded of your company and interacting with you whenever they use their phones. As apps are available to use at any time you can continue giving a high level of customer service and satisfaction even when your offices are closed.

Make viewing your company a lot easier on the go.

Mobile apps are making it easier for users to be able to look at a company whilst on the go. It is quicker and easier to open up an app on a mobile device than it is to go to browser and look at their website. Apps have a better layout for phones and mobile devices and make it easier to navigate around and make purchases and view services.


Mobile Apps have a feature where users can receive ‘push notifications’, where customers receive updated alerts from the Mobile App. These alert topics can include ‘new product releases’, ‘updates’, ‘news’, ‘messages’ and much more. Having this feature means that users can now be easily fed information and are getting constant reminders about your company, without having to visit your company online or in person. These notifications can also be used to remind customers of a purchase or an appointment they may have and give an essay cancelation option, helping eliminate costs on sending these reminders via text and help prevent no-show’s or last-minute cancellations from people who can’t be bothered to get in touch.

In-App Feedback

People are very busy nowadays, which makes it harder to get customer feedback, as many people are opting out of doing it. Having an app makes it easy and quick for users to tell you what they think about your company and your products or services, as a lot will have a pop-up question which a customer can choose to answer or avoid. Neemware offer a ‘shake to send feedback’ functionality that works by shaking your phone at any time whilst using their app to open a contact form to send feedback or any questions.

Chat Widgets

Many apps have a “Chat Widget” where you can talk to customers in real-time, which can improve customer service, by making it easier to quickly reply to them, resolving the issues that occur a lot faster than when trying to deal with the problems over the phone or in person. As these issues can be attended to much quicker than usual, it will leave customers feeling happy and satisfied with your service, making them much more likely to become a repeat customer and continue using or buying from you in the future and telling others about you.

Still not convinced?

More and more companies are beginning to create apps for their businesses, so in order to keep up with the crowd and stay in the game with your competitors, it is important you jump on the app bandwagon too. Some people are more likely to use a particular business if they have an app that makes their services and products easy to access, so it is definitely value for money!

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Why Your Company Should Have a Mobile App
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