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Why Writing on Vocal Media Is Good

I kickstarted my writing here after taking a break for many years, and I am now writing a book too.

I started writing at a young age. I spent hours creating plays, stories, poems, writing lyrics and even essays. I was and am still an avid reader, and that seemed to jumpstart me into writing. I took a break for many years, after several blocks including low confidence and self esteem, got in the way, then I found and I kick started myself back into action.

At Vocal, there are many different categories to choose from. You can write about love, relationships, family, beauty, mental health, music, and even the latest technology. You can even get paid for your work, though this can take a while, and depends on how you share your articles, where and how interesting they are to your audience. However, if Vocal likes your article, they may well give you a tip, and your audience can do the same, as can other creators on Vocal. My article, "Mindfulness in Nature," was verified by Vocal, and I was also tipped by them for this, and tipping has the benefit of increasing the writers self-esteem and confidence, while enabling them to earn and use that money for a good cause. Mine goes into buying useful study materials and books that help me with my writing.

If you read my articles on here, you will see I write a lot about my true life experiences on family and mental health. I am a mental health champion with time to change, and I help to change views on mental health by helping to open up a conversation about mental health and stigma.  Writing about this here helps to get my views seen, and in return even if I only earn very little, I know that I have helped another person in finding support with their mental health, and others supporting people with mental health problems.

Writing for Vocal has encouraged me to live my dream, which was to write a book.  I became encouraged by the guidance from the team, and the fact that my articles were actually published on a site where the public can read them. This inspired me, and I am now writing a book based on relationships and mental health. I am hoping to write many more in the future too. I have been so motivated by writing here, that I am now looking into turning my writing into a full time career, and though I spend hours doing it, I am smiling because this is the start to the career of my dreams.

Getting paid for my work is good, and my payments go towards helping me with my studies in writing, and get the materials I need to do that.  However, tips are also useful because they help me buy things like pens, paper, ink cartridges, and replace my laptops when they break, enabling me to continue with my career. Writing for me, though, is a very personal experience, and my journey here on Vocal has given me much more experience in creating articles, and taking my journey further. So while it seems you are not earning much at the moment, I strongly encourage you budding writers to give a go, and like me, I am sure you too will be inspired to take your writing further.

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Why Writing on Vocal Media Is Good
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