Why is Amway Global a Legitimate Business?

3 Reasons Amway Global is a Legitimate Business

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Amway Global is a 50+year-old company and has created billions of dollars in revenue. Rich Devos and Jay Van Andel had the vision to be successful and have made millions of people financially independent. Many people, though, have their own views and are very negative of the opportunity. Many people have claimed it to be a chain business, pyramid scheme, or just a sales business. I have worked with people who are in Amway and attended business conferences which have told me otherwise. In this article, I'm going to discuss why this is a legitimate business and those who talk nonsense about it don't know anything about the business opportunity.

What makes Amway Global a better business than Conventional business?

First of all, what are the roadblocks of owning a conventional business? If business is where you make the most money, then why aren't the majority of the people business owners and are instead employees? Very good question. You can provide a long list of stuff but the major reasons are lack of capital (yes you need lots of dough), product and services, lots of time investment, infrastructure, insurance, business knowledge, etc. The big thing is time and money! You cannot have a job and produce a conventional business simultaneously. Which is why the majority of businesses fail and you're lucky within the first two years to earn a profit. Amway Global, on the other hand, can turn around those doubts of a conventional business. You see, it's considered a part-time business, which means if you invest the time such as your evenings and weekends wisely then you can receive a high return. Wait, but what about capital? It's very cheap, and since everything is online, you don't need to worry about having an office space. All you need is a phone and laptop with—obviously—internet. It's around $165 for registration and extra $200 for startup products and a $60 annual fee. What's so bad about that? You can spend $10,000, but $365 isn't a bad deal. Also, when you talk about risk, Amway Global is a very low-risk business. You see, there's a qualification process. Amway offers a 90-day trial period where you can “test drive” this business, and after 90 days, if this is not for you, then you can get a full refund and keep your products for free. What a deal! Products and services are already covered as Amway are partnered with best of the best companies. You have the best home-based products in health, beauty, and cleaning, and they are partnered with the best partner stores such as Best Buy, Apple, Dell, Starbucks, and many more. You don't need to worry about creating your own products. It's basically having an online Walmart and shopping at your own store and getting paid for it. Where else does this happen? Retail stores like Walmart, Target, and Amazon are the kings, but do they share any profits? Not at all. Here in Amway, you buy products and earn points and you tell others to do the same thing. If you tell others to join and register their own business and actually do the work then there's a high-profit potential. You can make money instantly. You are assigned a mentor. Most likely, it'll be the person who introduced you to this business, who will help you because they have a vested interest in you. If you don't make money then they don't make any money. They will provide you helpful suggestions to get started and help you make money right away. The key thing is listening to your mentor. Once you break that, then it is on you if you don't make any money, and not Amway's fault. 

Isn't it a Pyramid Scheme?

Whenever Amway is brought up, many people always tie it to being a pyramid scheme. They consider that since it's multi-level marketing, it's automatically about recruiting people and the more people you bring in, more money you earn. Also, the person at the top of the pyramid makes most of the money while the bottom suffers. It's the exact opposite; you don't earn money by recruiting people. If you have 10 people in your team, and if nobody does anything, then you earn zero dollars. Plus, regarding the pyramid theory, how will a business function if the person on top makes the most while others don't? Nobody will join, and business would collapse. Finally, the most important thing is that pyramid schemes are illegal in the US. If Amway has been in business for over 50 + years and has legitimate partner stores with Best Buy, Target, Apple, Dell, etc., don't you believe they would have a lot to lose? That's why you should always talk with the people who are partnered with Amway instead of listening to someone's opinion online. It's like this: if you are interested in joining medical school, who would you talk to? A doctor or a plumber? You would talk with someone who's already been to medical school and been through the process. The plumber might advise you to go, but for logistics to get in, they may not be the right guidance, which is why it is important to talk with successful people.

Great Support System

If you want to run a business, especially those who are new to it, you really should depend on people who have experience in running businesses. Many businesses fail because they lack knowledge. You need to know what does work and doesn't work. If you do it on your own terms, then, most likely, you are wasting time and money. What is great about Amway is that they are partnered with the best-of-the-best educational systems. I know many people from the Britt World Wide (BWW) system. It's founded by none other than multi-millionaire Bill Britt. He mentored/coached many people who today are multi-millionaire entrepreneurs. How would you like to be mentored by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.? Chances are very slim you will be mentored by them, but in the BWW system, you have people similar to them who are willing to mentor you to be successful. It's again the case  that they don't make money unless you make money. This system provides great skill sets in leadership, time management, money management, team building, etc. They provide it through books, CDs, and business conferences. To get training like this, it'll cost $10,000, which is almost equivalent to starting a conventional business. Book and CD investments will be a cost of $7-10 a month and business conferences are $120. You have the tools to become successful. Most importantly, you will have a mentor assigned to you. As I mentioned before, the person who introduced you to this business will most likely be your mentor. They will guide you to the things that can make you successful. If you lock arms with them, you can never go wrong. The key thing is that you have to listen to them, otherwise it'll definitely not work for you.


In conclusion, is Amway Global perfect? Absolutely not! But it is definitely a legitimate business if you treat it as such. If you treat as your job, then it'll work. I know many people are looking at different ways to make money, but with Amway Global and the BWW System, you cannot go wrong. They have poured their hearts and made so many successful. Why not you?

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Why is Amway Global a Legitimate Business?