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Why I Started a Side Business

Getting out of Repetitive Life Routines

A little background on my work life that was leading me towards depression and sparked my side business—Phoenix Aromas Etsy Shop.  I am a regional manager for a veterinary company. I have been in the veterinary industry for nine years now as different positions, such as kennel leader and veterinary technician. As a regional manager, I was slowly feeling like a robot doing the same automatic thing every week. I was even experiencing the same exact conversations with the same people consistently! When the conversations became broken records, that is when I knew I needed to make a change in my life, and fast. I realized I was exhausted from the constant small talk and superficial conversations, it was affecting my mental health drastically. Autopilot was not good for me emotionally or mentally. I felt helpless, and just stuck, not moving forward or even backwards. The best way to describe my situation was like being on a treadmill: I am moving forward, but in the same spot constantly. Most of all, I was not getting the fulfillment I desired. I wasn't doing any good for the clients or pets, just offering services, and wasn't doing any good for myself preforming the same duties weekly. 

I decided to get the fulfillment and change I desired, I started a hobby which turned out to be candle making. I looked into how much the materials cost and it was a hobby I could afford, so took action! I made about 10 candles from the materials I purchased, and found the process was soothing and rewarding. I use a candle about every five days so making my own would save me about 60 dollars a month! I realized I did not need 10 candles at one time so I sent some to family and friends and they really liked how my candles smelled and looked. I really enjoy marketing, so I decided why not try out a candle Etsy shop to keep away from my mundane work life. Although I did not need to make my life busier, it was worth it to get out of this rut. 

Phoenix Aromas was then born— my charity candle Etsy shop. I named it after a phoenix because this mystical creature represents sacrifice, grace, transformation, and hope. The phoenix characteristics described what I wanted my small business to represent. My goal for my candles was to give charities hope and the ability to transform to fight for their cause through the donations.

In hindsight, the phoenix characteristics are what I wanted in my personal life and needed desperately. 

I am highly influenced to buy a product if a percentage or dollar amount gets donated to a good cause, especially as gifts because it is two times the giving! That is why I implemented the donation aspect in my products and made sure my candles were organic. Since I am donating to environmentally conscious organizations, I needed to represent the charities properly. I found building the business, although at a small scale, was very satisfying especially when I got orders. I was finally doing something for myself emotionally, mentally, and financially, not just working hard for somebody else. 

Although this is not the way to get out of a rut for everyone, it worked for me and gave me a project to build and focus on, rather than going through the motions of work and school. Going through a repetitive time with work, school, and even social interactions, I realized it is always beneficial mentally to have a hobby, join a social group, or start a small business to get out of the monotonous hole.  Phoenix Aromas really helped me out of potentially really dark times mentally, and I must say my house always smells amazing now! 

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Why I Started a Side Business
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