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Why I Picked Vocal as My Writing Platform

If you are on this website it means you are either a creator, supporting creators, or looking for creators. I wanted to give my opinion as a creator.

Recently, I have been using Vocal as a platform to broadcast my stories, poems, and articles. If you are new here, I thought it would be very educational and more comforting to learn about this website from someone like me. I'm on here to create and support other writers in the process. The three main purposes on this website are to write stories, read stories from other creators such as myself while being able to support them, or finding writers to participate in certain activities, opportunities, etc. As a writer, I'm going to explain the benefits of using Vocal. 

To start, Vocal is extremely helpful in mentoring writers on how to make their stories, articles, poems, etc. even better. If an editor assigned to your writing doesn't approve an article they help you improve and tell you how to make it better so you can resubmit it. It has definitely helped me with making grammar mistakes, making sure my stories are long, and making them as detailed as possible. It truly is a great way to become a better writer, especially if you're like me, an aspiring journalist. It can even help you with writing essays in schools, writing for work, or even sending an email. It's truly an incredibly helpful tool that I think a lot of people would enjoy using.

Not only is Vocal an amazing tool for improving your writing skills, but it is also a great place to broadcast your stories. If you ever wanted to share something with the world, but was unaware of where to start, this is definitely the place. Over the past couple of years, I've had tons of stories saved up, and I've always wanted a place to express my opinion on all things political, pop culture, education, and tons more. Vocal is the perfect opportunity to express your opinion on tons of topics. 

Finally, Vocal allows you to see your stats, showing people genuinely care about your writing and enjoy reading it. Vocal even gives writers money and allows readers to donate so we can use that money as encouragement. Donations can go for charity, using the money to get things to start off a journalism/writing career and so much more.

I've truly enjoyed using Vocal. It's given me a lot of opportunities to express myself. It's helped me be more motivated and use my time to write instead of being lazy and not doing anything at all. I have opportunities to write about anything I want, too. There are plenty of communities on this website that so many people are interested in reading the things you invest your own time into. It's really fun to share with your friends and family to show your writing and accomplishments too. SO you aren't just writing for nothing. All people get to discover your talent in writing. It's an extremely convenient and welcoming website to be a part of. It's a super easy website to use. You just write anything you desire, submit it, and wait to see if it's been approved or not. If not, you have an opportunity to submit it again and get to see the people who've read your story and even gain some money for it. For those looking to discover writers, this is the perfect platform to do so. Depending on what category you're looking for or style of writing, Vocal has many talented writers with strong intelligent opinions who are aspiring to be even better day by day. 

Thank you all so much for reading! If you need to contact me, everything is in my Vocal bio, such as Instagram, email, and Facebook. Best way to contact me is with either Instagram or email. I have other stories on my profile you may enjoy as well, and tips are always welcomed and appreciated—it goes towards getting necessities for college! I hope you all find Vocal as welcoming and convenient as I do!

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Why I Picked Vocal as My Writing Platform
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