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Why I Like Writing for Vocal

Writing for Vocal Vs. Other Shared Revenue Platforms

I don’t know about you but I like to get paid for my writing. And I really like to get paid for my writing repeatedly. Which is why, aside from running my own blog, self-publishing my own books, and freelance writing I was on the lookout for another stream of passive income. I have tried using several revenue-sharing sites in the past and none of them compare to the opportunity here on Vocal. 

After just one month on Vocal, I’ve made more than I did in one year on Hubpages. And I’ve only accumulated $2 from views so that should tell you something. Unlike most revenue sharing sites, Vocal has more than one way to make money. So with the right content you could be on your way to earning the money you deserve for your work. 

Here are the three main ways to earn money on Vocal:


Vocal allows people to send you what they call gifts to help support your writing. Gifting allows readers to send you payments directly for your stories. Using Stripe readers can send you small micro-payments of $1, $2, $5, $10, or $20. From my experience, gifting is a great way to earn and raise money for any cause. It’s currently helping me raise money to fund my tiny house project (which I’m super grateful for). I don’t know of any other revenue sharing site that allows you to do this. 

Product Sales

Another way Vocal allows you to make money is by embedding affiliate links into your stories. This allows your readers to purchase items using your unique affiliate link which helps you increase your commission. I like to attach links to my personal blog which helps increase my views and commission on there. You, however, can choose to embed anything such as an Amazon product, a YouTube video, or a Spotify link into the modules. This will help drive your readers to listen, watch, or even purchase items using your affiliate links.

Content Views

The second way you can make money on Vocal is with your content views. Otherwise known as “reads”, the more “reads” your story gets, the more you are compensated. So the better the content the more chance you have of earning a steady passive income on the Vocal platform. They reward writers on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis and once you have accumulated $35 in your account you can withdraw your money via Stripe.

A little over a month ago I decided to close down my Hubpages account when I was hired by Vocal to write an article. At that time, I had been a member of Hubpages for about a year and still hadn’t accumulated $2 in my account. Before Hubpages, I tried to write for Puckermob, which in my experience wasn’t any better.

Since joining Vocal, I’ve transferred a few of my older articles and even created a new series about Tiny Living. Within one month, I’ve managed to round up more views and gifts on Vocal stories than any other revenue sharing platform. And that’s why I like writing for Vocal.Media.

Getting Started

Submission Guidelines
Don't forget to check this list before you submit :)

Getting started with Vocal is easy. All you need to do is sign up for an account and begin creating unique content. There are dozens of community sites within the Vocal platform for you to write for so the opportunities are endless.

Did you enjoy reading this article? If so, send me a gift below! It helps me write more innovative content for you. And also be sure to check out some of my other articles here on Vocal. Or you can also learn more about me by checking out my blog at

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Why I Like Writing for Vocal
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