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Why Everybody Is Dropping Their 9 to 5 and Traveling—and Will It Kill Our Work Force?

Our world is changing and why you should maybe do it too!

First off, today's society is so different than it was even a decade ago. Social media is now a thing, and people are enjoying spreading their individuality and doing what they love. Because it has been a pastime for years now, social media has never been taken seriously and has just been thought of as websites to make friends off of and share ideas—but now, people are making an income off of it and businesses are growing due to it. So, who's the joke now? So many people are hopping on this and trying to learn how to be successful off of it. They're dropping their jobs now. This is amazing, because even five or 10 years ago, this would never been thought of—at least not as much as it is now.

I believe that we are so much more than cogs in a machine, and we thrive doing what we love! Studies have shown that at least 80 percent of people hate their jobs. You may be asking yourself, "Why would they stick with it?" and "Why did they apply in the first place?" Well, it is because that is how they were raised! They have grown up with parents who did the same and that is the only way they think they can make money. They also feel forced, or are in a dire situation and need the money. Yes, it sucks, but people are now figuring out how to use social media and it has helped thousands upon thousands of people!

In summary, we should never feel forced to do anything in life! Yes, there are things we need to do and responsibilities, but we do not need to feel trapped! So many people are traveling the world, making new friends and meeting people, and living their dream! The world is changing and people are realizing what they are really worth! It just takes hard work, realization, and a new way of thinking! It does not require talent, all of your time, and knowing all of the secrets. Social media is so simple and you just gotta be passionate. Then it will most likely work!

I really appreciate anyone who reads this, and I hope this gives people encouragement, confidence, and knowledge to whoever is just starting out!

Thanks again!

Feel free to send questions or request topics because I will probably do them! Instagram is below!

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Why Everybody Is Dropping Their 9 to 5 and Traveling—and Will It Kill Our Work Force?
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