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Why Do You Need Video Content?

And Some Ideas to Help You Get Started...

Video content is a very big thing right now and is being branded by some people as the future of marketing. According to Hubspot, 80 percent of people remember a video they watched in the last month, which could be down to video being highly visual and auditory, consequently making it easier to remember and will last longer in their memory than other types of advertisement. This can mean that the viewers are more likely to remember your brand, ultimately leading to more sales for your company. Still not convinced? Below are some more reasons to use video in your marketing strategy.

Encourages Social Shares and Click Through Rates

Video content is much more likely to be shared around the internet and go viral, with it being estimated that 92 percent of people who watch mobile videos share them with their friends and family, which is very high compared to any other form of advertisement. Additionally, it has been shown that 65 percent of business decision makers visit a marketer’s website after watching a branded video and using video content in an email increases its click through rate by 200-300 percent. Using this content to show off your products or services can drive more business opportunities and customers to your company, increase your brand awareness, and increase your revenue and the overall success of your business.

Google loves video.

Video encourages people to engage with your content for longer, which is a factor Google takes into account to tell if you are a trustworthy website and shows that you have good content. This improves your SEO and means that you are more likely to appear higher up on related searches, with statistics showing you are 52 percent more likely to show up first on a related Google search when your website has a video embedded in it. This allows more people to be able to see your company in the first place and can potentially help improve the overall success of your business by drawing in more customers and increasing your brand awareness.

Videos are worth a thousand words.

By using video, you can go into more detail about things such as products, events, how to guides, without boring people with a lot of words. A lot of people won’t read through large paragraphs of writing, as it is time consuming and not entertaining. Videos are more interesting with visual and audio cues that keep people engaged for longer and much more likely to properly listen and be involved with your content. This gives you a great opportunity to create informative content that people will enjoy engaging with.

So now you know how important video is to marketing your company, it’s time to come up with some ideas for your business, which can sometimes be difficult to do. Here are a few ideas for you to utilise to help you get started in creating great content:

  • Introduce your company
  • Promotional company videos—showing off how your company works and who you are
  • "How to" guides for products or services
  • Footage of any events attended or hosted by your company
  • Video testimonials—happy customers or clients talking about their experience with your company
  • Case studies
  • Making of videos—show how you make your products or services
  • Behind the scenes look
  • Share a making of your product
  • Introduce your employees
  • Conduct an interview
  • Educational videos related to your company
  • Question & Answers or Frequently asked questions
  • Company news and announcements
  • Entertaining content—fun and light-hearted content like parodies or office life
  • Time lapses of different projects you are running
  • Before and after videos
  • Competition announcements
  • Thank you videos
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Why Do You Need Video Content?
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