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Why Companies Discriminate Towards Disabled People

I'm willing to work.

Companies in this political climate are into blatant discrimination but that depends on the company since I mean, really, I have to disclose my disability because type 1 diabetes can turn lethal very quickly. I cannot spend my life hiding it if only because that gets dangerous. And if this scenario gets dangerous, well, a company can’t interfere with this. My brainwashing haunts me. “I’m disabled and can’t work,” what a silly narrative. This narrative is pretty bad. I’m trying to undo the brainwashing. I have tried to get this brainwashing system across to my career counselors, and some get it but others do not. Normal people who have not been mistreated run across abusers of the style I have had run-ins with my whole life.

Normal people simply do not understand severe mistreatment. Other people who have been through similar things understand it. Anybody who has survived violence of any kind understands. Companies do not hire disabled people sometimes because they don’t want to ruin their benefits standings. I mean my income is a cushion, granted, but not always. I am looking for ways of making more income than I have now. One such way is to apply as a Tarot card reader since I can see my skills have improved because I do not use the book anymore. So in which case, companies ought to hire disabled people to get them off government benefits because of the current political climate in which the Republicans are hungry enough to want to destroy the system as it is now, and build something else.

The book was a kind of crutch. I am using my claircognizance when I do Tarot card readings. I have a portable Tarot card deck which I keep in a silk case. My other Tarot cards are too big to put into anything to package it. I feel like I can get other work from home jobs besides being a Tarot card reader. I could do data entry, or even other things like administrative assisting. Work-from-home jobs do exist in abundance these days because we have evolved the Internet to a certain point.

At one of my old jobs, I had the boss tell me that work-from-home might be the best option for me because of my “disabilities” but well, that kind of got to me seeing as I have every health problem under control. You see, I can work outside of the house but I have to work on my knee, getting it functional enough for me to be able to do that work outside of the house thing. I need a job that suits my schedule and allows me to get writing done in the mornings. Or perhaps I can be an English teacher to kids in other countries since that is a work-from-home online job.

It is an inaccurate statement to assume that I cannot work outside of the house or that I cannot work at all. I’m busy writing copy for a website, I write for this website, and I write in general. I work a full-time schedule from home. So to say I can’t work is a cop-out. Really, that isn’t a true statement. It is something certain people believe but I have worked a variety of different jobs. My knowledge of the working world is actually better than one might assume. I know to take my meds daily, and I know to keep up with my blood sugars.

Working part-time is something I would like to do with a leave the house job but I do not want to work full-time just yet. It is delusional to assume that I could work full-time right now. I’m still working on my left knee, as well as my diabetes. I need to learn to sleep the whole night if that can be possible. I applied as a psychic on one website. I’m going to look for more psychic tarot card reader jobs and psychic reader jobs in general. Yes, it is legitimate, paid work. It is something I can do from home too. 

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Why Companies Discriminate Towards Disabled People
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