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Why Commuting Sucks

The Anti-Commute Revolution

Okay, commuting sucks. Why do you torment yourself with the rat race in the first place? I’m challenging my readers to think for themselves. Why are you commuting so far to a job you are qualified for because they said so? Why the hell do you torment yourself with commuting, coffee, and flirting with daily exhaustion since that coffee hypes you up? Why do you commute? If you take a bus to work, I’m cool with that. But I’m challenging modern commuting habits in this piece. I want you guys to think long and hard about why you commute.

Commuting just plain sucks. It is stressful, it winds you up, and you get to work tired. Why do this? Why not work a job in your town that is closer to you? I’m challenging the entire social structure of commuting. The ability to work from home is a new job option that eliminates the need to drive miles away from where you live. Commuting can also get deadly with tiredness increasing your chances of car accidents. The fact is that nobody sleeps very well sometimes with our consumerist, fast-paced, high spending, and the rat race.

You sacrifice a lot to get into the rat race. You lose sleep. You get hyped up on caffeine. Your health suffers. Not commuting too far means that you can let go of some stress. When I get jobs in Pleasanton for goodness sake, I turn them down. Mountain View-Menlo Park back in 2008 was as far as I’ve commuted in this lifetime. It took me ten years to get my situation with my mental health as stable as I’ve got it now. Coffee just makes my brain worse off, not better off. Commuting adds to stress in my life that I just don’t need.

Now if you guys want to give commuting the boot, it is as simple as changing your search parameters on Indeed to your hometown. If you are looking for remote jobs, you type in remote, where the location doesn’t matter so much. This is why working from home benefits so many people who need to watch their stress levels. Commuting leads to hazardous situations involving car accidents sometimes, with one inattentive behavior. Not getting enough sleep also lends to inattentive behavior which means that the likelihood of a car accident increases. You do not want to commute daily; it is bad for most people anyway.

Commuting is a terrible way to go about working. At least with telecommuting, you work from home. Or perhaps at a shared workspace, seeing as I did that for a long time, commuted to a shared workspace, until eventually parking started to get way too filled right away. Eventually, they had to find a new building. It is a way to get out of being an isolated work from home person. That is the downside to working from home. It can be isolating. Of course, I like not having people around. I’m an introverted extrovert. Sometimes I can stand extroversion. I prefer introversion. It is a necessity. So yes, work from home is a good solution for a quiet person like me. It helps you avoid office politics as well. Commuting is so incredibly stressful for sensitive people. Why do you commuters put yourselves through agony? Commuting is hard to even on the healthiest person. It is stressful. Don’t think going over two bridges to work endears me to you. That’s ridiculous. Why are you doing that to yourself? Coffee doesn’t help you either. There is such a thing as caffeine addiction, most people are so drugged on the stuff they can’t recognize their problem. I want to do research on caffeine addiction since that stuff is real but nobody really thinks about it. 

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Why Commuting Sucks
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