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Why Co-Workers Are Off Limits

Don't make work harder than it has to be!

We all want to take the high road and say that we are adults. However, truth be told, it’s hard to be the bigger person when there is a break up, especially when it’s an ugly one.

Sure, you never want to go into a relationship pessimistically, however, you have to be realistic. The new person at work is cute and how adorable would it be to work together? Or even the guy or girl at work who you’ve known for a while and now you're crushing on, how cute would you be together? It’s all cute while it lasts, and you might say, well I’ve thought of the consequences, and we are willing to risk it, to give it a chance. Hear me out before you make it official.

Even if it’s a good break up, there might still be problems. Some sort of jealousy will arise, when you see them flirting or checking out others in the work area, which can all be avoided if they weren’t your coworker. Plus, you literally cannot be mad since it’s over between you two, but still jealousy is a whole mind on its own. Even if you say you're fine with it, deep down you will be bothered and will create unwanted feelings of loss, jealousy, or even anger.

Nevertheless, it is bad break ups that solidify why co-workers are off limits. Let’s say you are going to take the high road and not deal with their drama. You cut them out of your life for good. You don't want to see them or even hear about them. It’s all set and done, until you have to go to work the next day.

You might say well, we don’t work closely, or we rarely see each other at work anyway, but don't forget, he or she is not your only co-worker. Guaranteed that their name will fall from another co-worker’s mouth and you’ll be stuck with thoughts of them you didn’t want to think about. You will start dreading work, fearing you might have to hear about them or even run into them. Others might even trigger you by mentioning them, putting you in a foul mood, making you difficult to work with. You don’t want your moods or expressions at work to rely on someone else.

Work is all about being professional and believe me, when your significant other does you wrong, all you want to do is get even. However, that will only compromise your work ethic. Keep in mind other co-workers are observant, so even if you're trying to keep it under wraps there is a very high probable chance your secret might not stay so secret. Another factor to keep in mind is that you’re not the only one you have to worry about keeping it a secret. That ex might not have liked how things ended and might want to spread some ugly things about you at work. As childish as that sounds, it’s 100 percent a possibility. This can also work vice versa, you might be scorched and might want to put him on blast too, but that would be wrong no matter how much the person deserves it. It will only make work very complicated. Thus, making work unbearable. You don't want work to be torture and much less do you want to have to quit in order to get away from what could have been avoided.

All this being said, if both of you are adults and really think you can handle a work relationship without it compromising your work ethic or morals then by all means, go for it. On the other hand, for those who aren’t so sure or have not thought it through then maybe you should take a step back. Work is stressful enough as it is. In the end, it is everyone's free choice, just think it thorough.

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Why Co-Workers Are Off Limits
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