Why Artists Deserve More Credit and Respect

One Of Least Respected Jobs In Our Society, Yet One Of The Most Needed

One of the most common things heard by an aspiring artist when they tell someone what career they are looking to pursue is, "Isn't there anything else you would like to try?" People often assume artists will not be successful in their careers because they don't believe there are any real jobs available for them and will mostly end up not being able to support themselves, hence the "starving artist" stereotype. However, pursuing an art career is not in vain. Art is one of the most needed things in the world.

 Here's why artists deserve more credit and respect in our society:

4) Artists are pursuing a dream.

The courage to chase a dream is something not many have, the number one reason being fear. Fear of failure, more specifically, is a big factor in whether someone will go after what they want or not. Especially due to the priorities people have, such as paying taxes and being able to support themselves, the dream of an artist looks less and less appealing. Those who continue to go after the dream of art, despite people's doubts, deserve respect for having courage to do so. 

We always tell children to go after their dreams. Why not mean what we say?

3) Artists put dedication into their work.

Most would believe that to be called an artist, you would only need to draw. Although, to be a paid artist, it takes more than knowing how to scribble lines on paper or splash paint on a canvas.

Just like having the career of a doctor or lawyer, people don't automatically get the job from knowing the organs of the human body or knowing a few laws. It takes years of study and practice before someone can have a respectable job. The same rules are applied to getting a job as an artist. To have good employment as an artist—such as becoming a story artist, graphic novel illustrator, or going freelance, to name a few—it's better to have an education. And good education means a good school. Most art colleges require portfolios, so even before going to school, it's recommended that you take art classes in high school or that you have great skill in art before applying (obviously). 

Art takes more than knowing how to draw. It takes time, dedication and practice to learn and improve.

2) Just like everyone, artists have taxes and bills to pay.

Sometimes it is difficult for artists to find clients for commissions. This is usually due to the fact that people don't want to pay for a piece that they believe should be for free. Art isn't free because artists work to create, therefore they are paid. Artists have to pay bills, taxes, and shop for other things, like food and clothing. People shouldn't be surprised when an artist asks for money in return for their work. They need to be able to support themselves, just like everybody else.

1) Our world depends on art.

Art surrounds us. Everywhere, we are encompassed by it; from logos and t-shirt designs to movie posters and book covers. Artists are needed by companies such as Hallmark for card designs and heavily needed for comics, graphic novels, and production companies such as Walt Disney Studios, Marvel Studios, and DreamWorks Animation.

Without art, the world would be colorless and emotionless; the world would be dull. We wouldn't have movies to entertain us on weekends, all our clothes would be plain, and the simplest things would not have any expressive design to it.

In Conclusion

Our world does not consist of just lawyers, scientists, and mathematicians. There are over 2.1 billion artists in the US alone. And although percentage wise, it is small number, without these creators, our planet would consist of nothing but black and white. We don't give artists the credit and respect they deserve for their work, and it is time we change our views on them.

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Why Artists Deserve More Credit and Respect
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