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Who Are We?

We are all different, we all serve a different purpose in society. We are all needed, we are all wanted. We are the human race.

As the human race we are people; as people we have many different expectations to fulfill. Those expectations are our occupations. Whether we may or may not be paid for our occupation like most, it is still considered an occupation. We can be doctors, construction workers, cashiers, and teachers; or we can be labeled as mothers, and fathers, brothers, and sisters. The list is endless. We were all put here to do something. We weren’t created for the heck of it. As the human race we are important.

Some may think they are more important than others, but we all have a purpose. Teachers, for example, are here so we can learn and have an occupation. Teachers are there for guidance as to what we may want to do some day. Doctors are important as well, individuals need doctors in order to be healthy. If their bodies won’t let them be completely healthy, the doctors again are there for guidance, to help individuals get better, and to help them live a better, longer life. Construction workers are here to fix and build the things that other individuals may not know how too. They were taught by teachers how to do their specific area of work. Without construction workers we wouldn’t have the homes we live in, the work buildings we go to, or the schools we learn in. Cashiers have the same occupation as these other three. They are here to help. Imagine going to the store and having to ring up and bag your own things. The elderly would have a harder time because they may not know the systems like younger people do. They could take longer, causing the younger people behind them to get angry and frustrated. The world doesn’t need any more anger and frustration. Cashiers have their jobs to help. They are all here to help, but in many different ways.

Mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters all play different, but important, roles. While they are there to help everyone, they still have a more important job. They all have that personal connection to the individuals in their family. Mothers are expected to love and nurture their children, fathers as well. They offer guidance through life in ways that teachers may not be able to. Parents are caregivers, they learn that children need to be cared for and that they should be there whenever their child is going through hard time in school, in a relationship, or with other family. Children connect more with their parents than they should a guidance counselor or a teacher. Teachers can’t always offer the same kind of guidance that a parent can. Brothers and sisters can act as parents; sometimes they have to when they don’t want to. We see it in the media, where parents aren’t around and so the older sibling cares for the younger, or the siblings both care for each other. Brothers and sisters should establish a deep connection with their siblings. Individuals will tell their siblings certain things that they won’t tell their parents. It’s the mechanics of family, it just happens. They feel a better sense of trust than they would with their parents knowing that their sibling can be going through the same thing. Or that their sibling can help them make the right decisions.

We were all put here for a reason, we are all important in our own ways. We all have different roles. As the human race we are helpers, and caregivers. Through each occupation we are here to help. Everyone establishes connections with other humans in some way. Through that connection is how we learn what occupation is right for us. Some individuals may have more than one occupation, but that’s how it works. We are all here for a reason, we are here to help. No matter what we all do, we are important. This is who we are; this is what we do, as the human race, and it will never change.

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Who Are We?
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