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What It's like to Be: Working with Your Husband on Industrial Projects

The Struggle to Earn My Place Next to Him

Him: Would you like come work with me ?

Me: (without even thinking about it 'cause it sounds awesome) YES !


Here we are, four years later, sitting at a table face to face in front of our computers. I wouldn't change that for nothing in the world.

But don't get me wrong, this isn't all just fairytales and hand holdings at lunch time...

My hubby is a project manager in the dairy processing industry, he works from the office but on the job sites as well. 


From day one, I knew it was going to be a battle.
A constant, feminist, equality, confidence building battle.

A woman with a construction hat and boots (no the boots were not pink ! Why does everything construction for females has to be pink ?! ).
I am not the first one, neither will I be the last.
But I guess we've all felt that way walking on the construction site, feeling all the eyes are on you (or your butt...)  knowing that the critics are just around the corner and feeling the pressure that you need to show them that you can do just as good as them, maybe even better !

I'm fine with critics, and I'm also okay with the fact that everybody needs to prove themselves in their work environment. Such in life.
But I wasn't just a girl on a constrution site, 
I was the wife of the project manager.

Sexists comments from coworkers and imposter syndrome drowned me at first, but hey, a peaceful sea never made a skillful sailor ! 
I would take it all in, cry over myself a little, and get back on track the next day !

Many times, hubby felt that he had to step up and say something,But I wouldn't, I could'nt let him. I needed to sail this boat by myself and earn the respect from the team as my own individual, strong and deserving women that I am. 

Which I did.


Over the years, I've put on many hats, achieving whatever kind of tasks that needed to be done and I've finally earn a place for myself within the company.

It's been long, hard, interesting, educational, exausting, but...
I've earned to work shoulder to shoulder with the man I love.

We get to put out lunch in same lunchbox,
To drive hands in hands to work,
To get some romantic glimpse at each other during the day.

We get to travel the world together for work purpose,
To be a really strong project management team,
To share and talk about work after the day, and actually understanding together.


Taking a step back, looking at him right now over my computer screen,
I think to myself...
Maybe this is a fairytale after all.

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What It's like to Be: Working with Your Husband on Industrial Projects
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