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What Is The Best Way To Market, Sell, And Build Influence With My Art?

Psst! It's all in the connections.


I am going to be blunt with you, being an artist is difficult... IF you do not know how to sell or market your work. 

There are many amazing ways to sell artwork in this modern age, so please make sure you keep note of these valuable and lucrative ways of selling your work. Trust me when I say this, you are not selling your soul, you are a human being who is acknowledging the fact that selling is important. Something has to pay the rent, right?

1. Join a Social Media Network:

In order to build a brand fast you need to take advantage of the multiple choices of social media that is still available to you for FREE. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and others are ever growing and efficient at instant communication, promotion, and a great way to not feel so alone with trying to get your work out there. With social media you can create fast connections and sell your work quickly. After all, making friends in any way is KEY to success in the art world.

2. Art Competitions:

As an emerging artist, competitions are you BEST FRIEND. They offer valuable exposure, skill sets, and the ability to showcase who you are in front of a live audience. This shows commitment as well, and a willingness to be out in the limelight. Often, buyers are not just thinking of buying your art, they buy who you ARE or represent. So showing, with true confidence, who you are at art competitions can do wonders. These traits are what create a demand and a NAME for yourself in the future.

3. Establish Your Artistic Goals:

If you wish to market your artwork, you need to set up a clear understanding of your goals. This only takes 5 minutes or so, and will lead to the bigger and important quests to accomplish, such as your professional Artist CV (artist resume) and to be able to submit to galleries, apply for artist grants, and more! One example of helping you with writing your goals is to write down what interests you about art, why you create art, and who in the art world inspires or mentors you. From there, you should get a bigger picture of your own personal vision physically on paper or computer. By connecting the dots of your influences and tasks, you will gain confidence and foresight into your next steps as a visual learner and artist.

4. Be Active In The Community:

Make sure you go to art gallery openings, local markets, and more, to make your face SHOWN. This aspect of connecting is crucial for future sales and opportunities of the artist. Search online for the different events that are coming into your town or around your area and submit to them. If they are free and for the community make sure you go and be involved as well. You never know what opportunity is waiting for you if you never mingle and communicate with the public.

So, create an art Facebook page, blog, website, Instagram page. With the Art Competitions and Art Gallery openings you should be meeting influential people. These people will then (hopefully) follow and support your online pages. If they share it with others, even better. As this continues to grow, keep moulding and reshaping your artistic goals and visions. As you keep creating art and follow this advice your impact on the art community will create bigger and bigger waves.

I hope these four important understandings will help you with the art of selling and marketing your work. If you are having trouble with speaking or presenting yourself to the public, I recommend the non profit educational program called Toastmasters. Join one of their clubs nearest you.

Keep creating and good luck!

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What Is The Best Way To Market, Sell, And Build Influence With My Art?
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