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What I Do...

Introduction to Razi'El Muntasir

Know Thyself. Be Thyself. LOVE THYSELF!

I was once asked, "What do you do?" 

I playfully responded..."I do the impossible... then I do it again!" For the sake of clarity and specificity, I will elaborate. I am an "information specialist". In other words, an adamant researcher and investigator that specializes in finding not-so-readily-found, hidden (occult), extraordinary, empowering, and practical information. I am good at it and take pride in this constantly improving ability to do this. More importantly, I am grateful for my capacity to retain much of this voluminous and extremely valuable information, in addition, and equally significant, is in my application of this information. Not to mention, my willingness and capability of relaying these thoughts and messages to the ready and willing to the best of my knowledge and aptitude.

I coordinate, host, fund, and lecture at special/"conscious" events at colleges, religious temples, halls, homes, and privately, which I have advertised and/or been on radio stations for, such as The Michael Baisden Show, The Morning Show on Hot 97, WBAI, BlogTalkRadio, and more, most of which broadcast nationwide. These events are on (but not limited to) health, history/OURstory, the sciences, or metaphysics.

I have logged in well over 30,000 hours of research on said information. Over 10,000 of those hours were spent focused on holistic well-being; whole mind, body, emotional, and spiritual harmony. Although I study and lecture on many topics, I have chosen to concentrate on health including nutrition, dietary regimen, food preparation (raw and cooked), biology, disease prevention, pathology & holistic remedy, herbs, exercise and much, much more. I don’t just talk about it… I am about it!

I live off of a 100 percent plant-based diet to leave the body in a state far closer to optimal than most can argue. I consume no animal byproducts whatsoever! That means ABSOLUTELY NO MEAT! (pork, beef, lamb, nor fish, etc.) and NO DAIRY! (milk, cheese, butter, yogurt nor eggs). There are other exclusions as well, such as soy products, genetically modified plants, and most hybrid plants, just to name a few.

The real gift for me is that I help people. I do not simply aid them to rid the body of disease, but true lifelong relationships are built along the way. Life-saving and life-altering habits are started. We satisfy one another in a genuine and mutually beneficial way. I heal you... and you feed my soul. Now THAT is real "Soul Food!" I would do (and have done) this for free. I wake up sometimes and cannot believe I get paid to be studious, compassionate, and strengthen myself, while helping to mend the ills of the world... literally.

*Contact me for greater details*—Cook & Food Prep. Books & Videos—Counseling—Life & Dietary Training—Products

Here are some I have studied directly with/under/from:

  • Dr. Sebi
  • Babaloa Elder
  • Dr. Llaila Afrika
  • Professor Booker T. Coleman, Jr. (Kaba Hiawatha Kamene)
  • My family/ ancestors (physical and non-physical)

I have extensively researched the works of (just to name a few):

  • Maa (world renowned healer)
  • Dr. Jewel Pookrum (surgeon, meta-physician)
  • Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny (vaccines expert)
  • Dr. Gary Null (documentaries)
  • Dr. Majid Ali (of WBAI)
  • Dr. Cruise (iridologist)

Here is one of my many radio interviews. 

You can find me on Facebook under my name, Razi'El Muntasir, or just copy and paste this link.

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What I Do...
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