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I got off..but not for long.


Today is a great day. After a lifelong journey on the welfare rolls....we are done. Say goodbye to the bullshit of the Ramsey county welfare office.

No more every six-month review. The daunting task of collecting the many of dozens of documents needed every month just because you make ten dollars more or twenty dollars less. No more asking employers and landlords to fill out paperwork to prove where you live twice a year although your lease is for a year or two. Good riddance to the endless calling and calling leaving message after message only to have to wait a week before they call you back. Just to find out they can't help you anyway. And these people are supposed to be social workers, but yet have no resources to direct you to what you may need. The long lines of careless parents and their screaming children... but best of all to say I never have or will walk through those doors again and mean it.

But yet I still feel a bit lost. After being poor all of my life. Hanging on the welfare rolls for most of it. I have come to realize I am still poor. In the way of money. Whether you work hard all your life or use the state system you are still left struggling. I thought after sixteen years of trucking along would make us feel better, lift us up.

It only changed the way we earn our money. Nothing less. Nothing more.

It may sound negative. But it is an honest experience.

Yes, I have many things to be grateful for as well. Three beautiful children.

Unfortunately, we have also had to say “no” to a lot of nurturing items and trips outside the home. Not being able to afford school pictures for close to five years now. Not being able to continue dance classes due to the high cost.

I thought that moving to a nicer city would help us to get ahead.

So we thought better opportunities.


The area has no help for low-income families. After a year or two, I have still not found any type of help to those in need in this city.

I then turned to Facebook to voice my distaste for this city I live in and to find out why the city has no help for those who earn a low wage. I found my city page. I posted my review of the city. I did it in a professional but very honest way. I did not swear or tell the residents of the city that they were mean in any way. But I was very honest about how I felt.

After a few hours, I got numerous angry responses from people. Calling me names. Telling me to get the fuck out of the city if I dislike it so much.

Go get a job. And countless threats.

So I removed my post. I got bullied off the page altogether.

I cried for weeks. Those words and things they were saying stung and hurt.

I tried to reason with the others only to met with a brick wall.

Yes, I gave up. I gave up so I could show my kids that it does not matter what others really think. So I could keep my sanity. I still received messages long after removing my post. It's a name I will never forget. You never forget about those who bully you. Especially the ones who tell you to leave if you do not like it.

Now if you feel sorry for me or pity me. Far from it.

I want you to see that my struggle is just as hard as your struggle.

Regardless of how you earn your money. It's a game of chance.

You can win, you can lose, no matter how you chose.

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