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We Are Millennials

Making It Happen

Some of us get up at the crack of dawn, maybe comb our hair (baseball caps and buns usually do the trick), and head out to work/school. While some others are stumbling through the door with the scent of alcohol and tacos seeped into our clothes from the night before. Then there are some of us who are up and ready by 6am, have breakfast done, and the kids ready to go to school in a matter of seconds. No matter where your day begins, you are a millennial! Be proud too, because we make sh*t happen! 

As a millennial, we are gifted with the power to vocalize ourselves like no other generation. Whether it be to 20 followers or 20,000 followers. We have the opportunity to start a movement or create a business, all through social media. Our elders say we are spoiled, which is fine, because in some light we are, but that's okay. Because for the most of us "spoiled" millennials, we are trying to break out of this cookie cutter 9 to 5 job and create something for ourselves. We crave success stories from young individuals having a dream and going out to make it happen. Millennials are hungry to own their own empire, not work for someone else's.

If I had a dime for every time I heard of someone who recently graduated college with a brand new degree and has yet to find a job in their field, my bank account would be looking mighty healthy. So many students are busting their butts and their wallets to receive a higher education, as we are all taught growing up. Yet, most are working a job they are overqualified for and are stuck paying student loans for years to come. The total student loan debt in the U.S. is currently at $1.26 trillion! Unfortunately, no one taught us what was to come after receiving the education we worked so hard for. Ready for the cherry on top? Even though we are the largest workforce in the U.S., on average we make 20% less than the baby boomers did at our age. 

That boggles my mind every time I read it. How is that possible? Why haven't we been able to make more jobs for incoming graduates? Where's the freedom light at the end of the job tunnel? I don't have an answer for you here, sorry. What I do know is that times are changing once again. I find myself meeting more millennial entrepreneurs and it's inspiring! It ranges from fashion bloggers and makeup artists, to fitness gurus and business start ups. Regardless of what it is, it's different! That's what makes our generation so powerful. If we aim, we aim high. And we couldn't give a F if boomers, Gen X-X, or anyone else has a stereotype to label us. 

I am half a year into learning how to build my own business and of course, this isn't supposed to be easy. There's been adversity, frustrations, tears, and moments of doubt. The best thing I have come to learn is to love everyone that comes my way, because we are all fighting our own battles. But have some sense of humor too because the people who take life too seriously will try to ruin your day. If you are reading this and you are pursuing a dream; do the damn thing! Make it happen! Doesn't matter if your best friend makes fun of you for it or your favorite aunt won't support you, keep going! If you have a vision, make it the biggest picture around you and don't look back.  That's the beautiful thing about being a millennial; you have the courage to do just about anything.

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We Are Millennials
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