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Ways to Start a Business with Social Media

Real-Life Tips

In today's society, starting your own business can lead to success or failure, but it depends on your character and how driven you want to be. For myself, I have been working on a business plan for my own digital marketing company. In the mean time, I actually do freelance work on the side and it has actually been a very good gig. I have made at least $600 a month on a good month. This gives me opportunity to work from home and to help business through the United States and the United Kingdom as well. Let me give you some tips on how to market your business, which can help in the long run.

First off, if you want to create a brand you need to market it. Social media marketing is essential to this, so for example, I helped a company with their social media plan for their Business to Consumer (B2C) model. The company was called Dlyted. With their Facebook account, they had random pictures of random things as well as on their Instagram account. I conducted direct interviews with my peers on campus and got their feedback to give back to the business owner... they were satisfactory. Most of my peers thought it was a charity from the looks of the social media sites. Instagram had random pictures that would be posted only once a week and it made it unclear about the purpose of the business. In this case, here is another tip when it comes to social media: Make sure to post at least three days a week during the times people are not at work... this helps your brand grow. Everyone in the world has either a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Next, when trying to get consumers to build onto your brand... you want to make the brand into their everyday ritual through showing them how it helps them throughout their lives. For example, PS4 and Xbox has build community through PS4 network and Xbox live creating players who have been loyal to the brands because they use to own previous models of the game systems. To build a community on your brand, market to your target market and make sure the product is something that the consumer would be using everyday. When people see the product being used as their everyday ritual or as a helpful product..this will help build brand awareness within the community.

Last and final step that has helped with starting your build your business on social media is making sure you provide a descriptive bio and link to your website. I cannot stress how important this is when creating a business account on Facebook or Instagram. Provide consumers with a short description of your business... kind of like a mission statement so they have a little understanding of the products and services that are provided through social media. 

Liked the tips that were shown above? Send me a gift so that I can help improve my business and help others in need as well who cannot get the money to help build their brand.

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Ways to Start a Business with Social Media
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