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Useful Office Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

The office is where you spend at least 40 hours a week, so why not deck it out with cool office gadgets that make your life easier?

Most people who work in an office do so for an average of 40 or plus hours per week. That means that we spend the majority of our waking lives in the office or commuting to it. Knowing that fact, it's really shocking that we don't invest more money in making our office lives better. 

Considering how long we spend in offices, it makes sense to invest in gear that makes working fun. These office gadgets are unique in the fact that they're obscure, but totally worth every penny. If you want to live it up at work, this list should definitely get you thinking.

Wire and Cable Organizer by Quirky Cordies

We all have wired devices, because we live in a wired world. Wires get tangled and ruin the feng shui of any office environment you could put together. That's why one of the smartest office gadgets you can get is a wire and cable organizer, like the one from Quirky Cordies. It's simple to use, cleans up your desk, and also keeps things within reach. 

The Electronics Toolkit by iFixit

Tired of busted mouses, problems with your chair's hydraulics, or smartphone issues? The iFixit Electronics Toolkit is one of the best office gadgets for people who love to fix gizmos at work or just want to make sure they get the most use out of the gadgets they already have. (Knowledge to fix things, though, is not included.)

It's one of the coolest gadgets for men and women who love to fix stuff up — or take things apart.

The Glass Dry Erase Board from Amanti Art

Whether it's writing down important meeting times, or just jotting down a nice reminder to yourself, this dry erase calendar will jazz up your office and also keep you on the ball. Though it's not one of the newest office gadgets out there, it's definitely one of the smartest you may not have bought yet. 

#WTF Stamp by ThinkGeek

Have an intern who really isn't good at his job? Have clients that really can't seem to grasp things? Assuming the office has a good sense of humor, this #WTF stamp is one of the cooler office gadgets you can use to express frustration and also grab attention when necessary. 

Go ahead, show paperwork how you really feel. We won't judge — but it may cause some office gossip

The Handy Shredder by MUJI

Of all the office gadgets out there, this is the widget you wish you already had. This handheld paper shredder quickly grinds up two sheets of paper at a time, all without the use of electricity or batteries of any kind. 

If you're looking for a low-cost shredder for your home office, or just something that allows you to get your frustrations out, this is one easy-to-use gadget you need to grab.

The iBridge Desk Organizer by Cyanics

This slick desk organizer doesn't just keep your monitor or laptop held high; it's also a perfectly camouflaged office gadget that keeps your phone charged via a USB hub. Genius? Absolutely. Expensive? Not at all. In fact, it's priced at under $30.

Science! Stationery Set by ThinkGeek

Let's just be real, certain office gadgets are basically just there for our personal flair. That's why we're loving this geeky-yet-professional stationery set from ThinkGeek. It's not a gadget, per se, but it's so cute, it'll pair wonderfully with any of the other gadgets here. 

Magnetic Hourglass by ThinkGeek

Perhaps one of the coolest ornamental-yet-functional office gadgets we've seen comes from ThinkGeek, and it's a magnetic hourglass. Along with helping your employees realize how much time they have left to speak, it also acts as one of the most hypnotic and relaxing distractions you can fit on an office desk. 

Minipresso NS by Wacaco Co.

Skip the trip to the coffee machine by grabbing one of the best office gadgets for coffee addicts. The Minipresso NS allows you to brew your own piping hot coffee using Nespresso packets and does it all while you're on the go. 

Just add a packet and some water to the capsule, and enjoy your next caffeine fix. Better still, this totally fits in your car's cup holder, too. Commutes just got fresher. It's one of the coolest gadgets under $30 you can get!

Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner Kit by Rabbitroom

Ever notice how quickly crumbs and dust seem to flood offices? We sure did, and that's why we're loving this surprisingly quiet mini-USB vacuum cleaner — definitely one of the best office gadgets to get your hands on. This compact vacuum will allow you to keep things tidy and empty out dust anywhere that you can get power via a USB port. 

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Useful Office Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed
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