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Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts That Send the Right Message

One-of-a-kind employees deserve one-of-a-kind gifts, don't you agree? These employee appreciation gifts will definitely let your crew know they're the best.

If there's one practice that has repeatedly proven itself to be a great investment, it's the art of giving good employee appreciation gifts. Everyone wants to be commended for giving their best, and the fact is that words often only go so far. 

Studies have shown that companies experience better employee retention when they give gifts to their employees. That's why sites like Successories have been having so many top tier companies come to them for gifts they can dole out to employees. 

Truth be told, a simple gift can be the difference between an employee who resigns after being emotionally checked out and an employee who gives their 100 percent. 

Want to make sure your employees stay engaged and dedicated to the job? These are the coolest ways to show employees gratitude for their hard work and make every day feel like Employee Appreciation Day. 

You Make The Difference Soup Mug and Spoon

You know what's the problem with a lot of employee appreciation gifts? They're not very useful in your day-to-day life, and that means that many people end up seeing them as clutter. That's why a lot of companies are shifting gears and giving employees practical gifts as a way to say thanks. 

This massive 12-ounce soup mug comes with a matching spoon and an inspirational saying. It'll look sharp in the office kitchen, and will definitely be a daily reminder that your employee is the real MVP. 

Essence of Leadership Chrome Pen

Most people who have been in the old school executive world know that a luxury pen is regularly considered to be a major symbol of appreciation. That's why one of the most conservative employee appreciation gifts often is one of the best choices for people who have an old school flair. 

This gorgeous Essence of Leadership pen has the classy design you need for that special executive, along with a very showy carrying case. The end result is a tasteful gift that will have many people turning their heads. 

High Five Praise Pad

If you need to come up with quick ways to "officially" boost employee morale, nothing quite beats giving them a written note about why you appreciate them. This adorable notepad gives you a quick form to fill out to congratulate tons of employees on a job well done. 

It's affordable, it's heartfelt, and it also lets your employees have a written reminder of why they are appreciated. If you ask us, that makes this pad one of the most uniquely effective employee appreciation gifts out there. 

You're An Essential Part Keychain

If you're an employee at a high-pressure job, then you already know how easy it is to just feel like you're another "cog in the wheel." A lot of people who go through the daily grind don't realize how meaningful their work is, or how essential they really are to the company's success. 

This is one of the simplest employee appreciation gifts that reminds them how important they really are to your team. 

Great Quotes from Great Women

One of the newest trends when it comes to employee appreciation gifts is female empowerment for the ladies at work—and what can be more empowering than reading some of the greatest quotes from some of the greatest female leaders that ever lived?

Along with a positive punch of girl power, this book also sends the message that you want to inspire your employees to enrich themselves and think like a leader. Why? Because eventually, they will be the leaders in their field. 

Secrets of the World Class

Want to give your employees a more gender-neutral source of inspiration? Look no further than Steve Siebold's Secrets of the Word Class: Turning Mediocrity Into Greatness. Siebold has spoken to Fortune 500 companies and given them precious insight into the inner workings of the world's greatest. 

This is the perfect gift to give an employee who just reached management rank, or for the executive who loves to read. Once they read this book, they will want to go the extra mile just because they can. 

Service Motivational Poster

Though this may seem a bit old school, the fact is that motivational posters still do fall under the category of unique employee appreciation gifts—primarily because most people who own these posters get them for themselves. 

Giving your employee a gentle reminder to stay motivated while also giving them something to jazz up their workspace is a great way to show you care. 

Bright Ideas Start Here Journal

We all need to take notes on the job, so why not let one of your employee appreciation gifts show that you want your crew to do it in style? This beautiful hardcover journal has a nice place to tuck in your favorite pen, a motivational saying imprinted on it, and is built to last. 

If you have an employee who's known for coming up with bright ideas, this could easily be the best way to show them that you want to give them the recognition they deserve. 

Leading By Example Note Cube

One of the hardest things for people to learn is to learn to lead by example. For the employee who finally learned to show people how it's done, this cube is a great way to give them proper employee recognition while also driving the point home. 

Your best managers lead by example, so why not celebrate that with a small gift?

Thanks for Being Awesome Water Bottle

Last but not least, one of the most useful employee appreciation gifts that still thinks outside the box is a water bottle that thanks them for being the great employee they are. 

This 26-ounce water bottle holds ample drink, is easy to clean, and offers a great way to keep your best and brightest hydrated. Best of all? It's stylish enough to get compliments—even outside of work. 

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Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts That Send the Right Message
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