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Truth About Acting

Why you must LOVE IT!

Okay, so you want to be an actor? That's amazing, and I want you to know I believe in you! The truth is though, it's going to be a very long journey. 

I'm 18 years old, fresh out of high school. I was so ready to get out of school because everyone talked about how flexible college was and how I'd have all this new free time on my hands. Truth is, I'm going one day less than I did in high school. It may not be for an entire day, but no one is going to hire you on a real film set if you can't be there all day. That's even a general rule for people who do background work (extras). Not to mention mommy and daddy aren't going to just let me live in their house without making some type of money. So I have to get a part time job. 

Acting requires you to not only have a flexible schedule but a pretty damn good financial base. Not to mention you're going to need some kind of back up plan if this shit doesn't work out. The majority of the time it doesn't work out. So how in the hell are you supposed to pay for $300-500 headshots, classes and have the money left over for gas, your car, insurance, and whatever else you need to survive? Here is the cold hard, brutal truth, it is not easy. In fact, the system is so screwed that you basically have to have rich parents to hand it all to you to "make it" easy, realistic, and reasonable. 

Here is also another truth, YOU CAN DO IT. There are so many stories about people struggling to "make it", and actually doing it. There is one main thing you need to do, sacrifice. Yes, do not sleep. Go without sleep because you want it that bad. It is not impossible to go after your dreams. I believe in you because I believe in myself. In just two years I've been in countless independent films in my area. I've taken every class that's come my way that I could afford at the time. All of this hard work has finally gotten me to the point where agents want to meet with me. I scrapped every dollar I had to pay for headshots. If there is a will there is a way. YOU HAVE TO DO IT BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT. If you don't love it there is no reason to go through all of this. I hope all of your dreams come true, and I will be writing future articles on how to get your foot in the door wherever you are in the world.  

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Truth About Acting
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