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Top 5 Vocal Improvements They Should Make

A List of Top 5 Improvement Ideas

Top 5

Now I'm not trying to say that I don't like Vocal so here are some improvements they should make. In fact, I love Vocal otherwise I wouldn't keep publishing articles on their website. All I'm trying to say is that I have a Top 5 list of things that would enhance their website. These are just my opinions but if you sympathize with them then great maybe they will attach one of them to their website in the future updates.

#5 Stars make people stars.

People love to see themselves improve. I know I sure do. If Vocal had a star system where members could rate the writer then, it would definitely boost morale. Not only will this help build a writers self-confidence, but it would also give the readers an impression of which authors are better skilled in the field of writing literature. Going along with the star method, there should be a heart or like button, so that way the writer knows that people appreciate their work.

#4 Friend List

This site isn't a social media site, but you should at least be allowed to add your favorite writers to some sort of list. I persuaded my friend to join the other day but there is no way of keeping him added to a list so I can check up on his writing. You should also receive a notification when the writer has created another piece of art. This would also benefit the author that you are following because it is letting others know that there is a new piece made by them. This would help the author get more views on their article.

This should be an easy update to add but since it's not available then maybe Vocal has their own reasons for not having it already. I guess we will have to wait and see.

#3 Weekly Competitions

Who doesn't like a good competition here and there? There should be a writing competition that Vocal staff members pick for their writers. The winner of the competition would get their article posted on the homepage. This would feasibly help them get more views than others would because it will be the first thing new readers will see when they come on Vocal. A competition would also boost activity on the website which would bring more writers and visitors.

#2 Affiliated Links

An affiliated link will help promote the website more. For every person, you get to join you will receive 10% of the profit they make. I believe this is beneficial because it will help you out and the website itself. Like I have mentioned I got my friend to join and now he is writing articles like crazy.

#1 Rewrites

This may sound odd but another profit making technic could be a rewrite. How this works is someone writes an article and if they believe that their article is not good enough and they want it improved then they can have another fellow Vocal member writer to rewrite it for them at a certain price. Of course, the respectable author will retain their article under their name but next to it there could be a section that says "revised by" than the other writer's name. If this is added then it should also show how many articles you have revised in the stats section. This would help people with a similar problem to know who to contact if they needed an article revised.

There aren't a lot of improvements that could be made because this website is doing great as it is at present, but I hope to see at least one of these changes in a new update in the future. I understand this wasn't one of my more extensive articles and I apologize for that but fresh ones will be out soon. Thank you for your time and consideration. Yours truly.

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Top 5 Vocal Improvements They Should Make
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