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Top 10 Interaction Examples Between Customers and Business

The way that businesses are communicating with their customers or potential customers is changing. In the past, the consumer has played a relatively passive part in the advertising and marketing process, but this is now changing.

The way that businesses are communicating with their customers or potential customers is changing. In the past, the consumer has played a relatively passive part in the advertising and marketing process, but this is now changing. Mainly thanks to technological advances, businesses are finding it to be a lot more effective in marketing to actually interact with their potential customers.

Whether they are using social media to actively engage with customers or using interactive displays on shop fronts, inside the shops or exhibitions the act of interacting with a potential customer makes the business or product getting noticed much more likely. It seems that interactive displays are the way forward, as we are no longer being “consumers” to be advertised at, and more people who want to be more active and engage in two-way communication. So, bearing this in mind, here are ten of the best interactive displays:

1. Nike/Footlocker Paper Blowing

The shopfront of Nike/Footlocker shows paper seemingly being blown around as people walk past or interact with the display. By “blowing” around or away the “paper,” you can reveal the Nike product behind it. This was one of the first and it's a very effective interactive display out there.

2. Adobe Interactive Billboard

The interactive billboard used by Adobe allows the images to change as you walk by—reversing if need be. The image develops as the person continues to walk past the board but if they stop, so does the image. The billboard shows the technology that Adobe use and are developing in a way that allows people to interact with it.

3. Coca-Cola Interactive Kiosk

Coca-Cola has cleverly developed an interactive kiosk which allows consumers to check what drink options are available from that particular kiosk, get information and actually buy their coke drink of choice. The interactive part is controlled by a touch screen.

4. Nike Digital Book

The digital book design is used on the shop front of their shop in Barcelona and reads like a catalogue of Nike products. This is an ingenious way to advertise several products in the same space, in an interesting way.

5. Jonathan Trumbull's Face in the Snow

Facial recognition technology was used by designers, Knit to create an interactive Christmas treat for potential Jonathan Trumbull customers. An LED screen with digital falling snow was set up in the shop window and when a passer-by stopped, the facial recognition technology took a photo of the face. A four-digit code was then supplied which would give people to chance to access their photo online. 

6. Kalogirou Interactive Shopping

The luxury footwear giant, Kalogirou have created an interactive shopping experience which has given them a 40 percent rise in visitors to their shop. The interactive screen allows shoppers to virtually try on their shoes of choice, using sensors to mirror their walk and show them how they would look in their chosen shoes. The interactive screen also allows shoppers to vote for their favourite pair by raising a hand—another bonus for businesses who are looking to understand current and future trends.

7. John Lewis's Whispering Window

With sales of featured products up 40 percent, it is obvious to see the value that John Lewis have found in their Whispering Window interactive display. The 'BEAUTIFUL—On or Off' campaign integrates vision and sound and allows people to interact through both movement and sound, creating an experience that is proven to both entertain and boost sales.

8. Boyner Interactive Shop Window

The Boyner interactive shop window also gives potential customers the chance to see their item of clothing of choice on a virtual model. By using 'drag and drop,' the consumer can add or take away items of clothing from the model to give them an idea of how the piece of clothing will look when it is being worn. For the business, this is an excellent way to showcase multiple products in one space.

9. Peabody Place Interactive Display

Having been designed to promote landmarks in Memphis, the Peabody Place interactive display has, at its peak attracted over 10,000 people in one day. The display allows passers-by to see themselves in a variety of situations such as in a mariachi band, as a child or as a giraffe.

10. Delhi Airport Interactive Wall

The interactive wall at Delhi Airport has several different experiences which react as people walk by. Situations include an aquarium, breaking stones, and a meadow.

As technology improves, an interaction between businesses and customers is becoming increasingly popular. Not only can businesses entertain their potential customers, but it also gives them a chance to show numerous products in one space, meaning that interactive technology is becoming more and more valuable to businesses.

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Top 10 Interaction Examples Between Customers and Business
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