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Tips to Lead Without Authority



Be it an organization, a government, or a football team, a leader plays an important role to keep the team together and help achieve the desired goals. The leader has a great influence on the team, and all the members tend to follow him or her. So in order to be a team-player and avoid being a dictator, a person must follow these tips that can help him in achieving the said goal.

Develop Emotional Quotient

People with a strong emotional quotient have the ability to monitor their own emotions and other people's emotions. They can effectively evaluate emotions, and based on that information, they can guide their thinking and behavior and manage or adjust emotions to adopt different environments. Being a leader, a person must possess these qualities as a leadership role generally requires a person to handle many people. And dealing with them is an onerous task and can be difficult if a person fails to understand thinking of people around him. Consequently, it will result in frequent conflicts and would create discontent amongst the employees. So it is advisable for people to nurture qualities that can result in high levels of empathy.


A regular communication with your employees is critical as it is the only way with which you can understand their problems. A good communicator is the one who communicates with others rather than communicate to others. Listening to what others are saying and understanding their perspective is also a significant trait of a good communicator. Being an effective communicator is not only important to develop a strong bond with the employees, but it is also important as the message you convey must be correctly perceived by the rest without any distortion.

Demonstrate Humility and Respect

What you sow, is what you reap. Arrogance and a rude attitude is toxic for the work environment. It can also spoil the environment as it will radiate and would be inflicted on everyone else. So an environment plagued with negativity can be catastrophic as it results in low productivity. So to have a healthy and positive environment, it is important to practice humility by the person who is at the helm of the affairs in an organization, so that everyone else follows his/her footsteps and cultivates a healthy work-place environment.

Be Open to Ideas of Others

People love being surrounded by “yes men” who agree to whatever they say. Now ideally that would be good to boost your ego, but it can dent your ability to grow. A place where decision-making is the mandate of the people from the higher authority is most likely to be redundant as important decisions and policies are devoid of opinions of others. This type of decision-making can be bane as it fails to take into account different perspectives, thereby missing out on a number of opportunities. So it is advisable to adopt liberal policies that ensure a comprehensive decision-making by taking into account opinions and ideas of all the stake holders.

Help Others With Their Problems

Helping your coworkers is important as it can be a good way of developing a camaraderie with them, and even they won't feel that you are their boss. So if your impression on your employees is that of a calm, open-minded mediator, others will come to you for support and advice. So make sure you constantly try it, and be available for people and help them without being partial.

Cultivate Good Relationships

Creating a strong bond with people around you is important as it helps you to be around them as a friend, and you can also ask and return favors without having the need to official pass orders. Besides maintaining strong relationships, it also helps in nurturing positivity and happiness.

Being a leader with the above-mentioned qualities can be beneficial in numerous ways. It can help you to be a leader who is supportive and has a greater vision. Hence, it can add value to your leadership and garner a lot of support. So, nurturing the given qualities will help you to be a leader without an authoritarian attitude.  

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Tips to Lead Without Authority
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