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Tips on How to Write

For People Who Are New or Want to Improve Their Writing

Hello Vocal writers! I am back and starting fresh. During my time away, I was doing a lot of thinking and coming up with ways to present my writing better. I previously had an account with Vocal and I deactivated it because I thought I wasn’t cut out for it. My writing didn’t look as good as I wanted it to be. I’m not an expert; but, here are tips on how to use Vocal that I’ve learned through experience.

1. Vocal requires 600 words or more.

I know it sounds like a lot, but it’s worth it. This is a way of the company telling you “SHOWS US WHAT YOU’VE GOT!” Anything creative that you have, they want to see lots of it. Creative writing exists for a reason; to express your creativity.

2. Start with an attention grabber.

Anything that you’re writing about must grab the reader’s attention. At least one to two sentences, maybe three. No more than that. It can be funny or serious. That’s what I’m trying to work on: improving the structure of my writing.

3. Microsoft Word

Vocal does require 600 words; but, if you’re having trouble keeping track of how many words you’re typing, Microsoft Word is your lucky friend. They track the amount of words you type in a document. I use Microsoft Word a lot when I’m typing stories, essays, articles, just about anything. When you’re done, all you need to do is copy and paste it to Vocal.

4. Try not to use run-on sentences.

Run-on sentences can take up so much when you’re writing. My writing had so many run-on sentences and Vocal didn’t approve it. The reason why I have run-on sentences throughout my writing is because they express my emotions, and it’s a habit. But, try to stay away from run-on sentences.

5. Information needs to be in your own words.

Vocal will NOT approve writing that has information from sources on the internet. Even if you insert citations, or a works cited page; it will NOT work. Vocal is not dumb. One time, I wrote a piece that had to do with bullying. On the first try, it wasn’t approved because it contained information from another source. Creativity is allowed for a reason.

6. Writing MUST relate to the topic.

On their website, Vocal has many you can choose to write about. They’re also called communities as well. When I first signed up, this was an issue for me. I was writing a piece thinking it was related to the “Journal” category. Turns out, it wasn’t since Vocal didn’t approve it. Make sure if you choose a category, your writing must relate to it. Don’t get off topic!

7. Choose something you’re 100 percent sure that, “Hey, I can definitely write about this!”

Like I said, Vocal has many you can choose to write about. However, if you pick something and can’t write about it because you’re stuck, pick something else. You don’t have to be overwhelmed and full of stress on a topic. Writing shouldn’t make someone feel overwhelmed and have so much anxiety. Be 100 percent sure about what you’re going to write.

8. Check over your writing before you publish.

You must check spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Also, shorten your sentences if they’re too long. Make sure there are no run-ons in your writing. As a writer, I do need to check things over more often. Usually, when I’m done; I just publish it. Don’t be like me. Make sure to check things over.

9. Upload a picture with high quality.

To me, pictures aren’t that much of an attention grabber. But it’s a requirement; so, make sure to find a picture that will attract readers. Don’t be like me, uploading a picture from an iPhone 6S that was substandard quality. It was not approved.

10. Have fun!

Enjoy writing and treat it like an anti-depressant.

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Tips on How to Write
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