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Things to Blog...

A List for Bloggers

There are many things that people can blog about and that will get people's attention. Blogs are not easy but with the right mindset, anything is possible. I have listed a few ideas to get you started. Please don't hesitate to think of your own as well. 

  1. Run a contest.
  2. Review books/products/films.
  3. Travel blogs.
  4. Life experiences.
  5. Life coaching.
  6. How-to blogs.
  7. Recipes.
  8. Beginner guides.
  9. Interviews.
  10. Things to do when you are bored.
  11. Advice.
  12. Funny stories.
  13. Parenting tips.
  14. Upcoming events.
  15. Fundraising ideas.
  16. Gift ideas.
  17. Fashion trends.
  18. Must read books.
  19. How to read tarot cards.
  20. Music review.
  21. Website review.
  22. Diary entry.
  23. How to play an instrument.
  24. Life as a teenager.
  25. Best make up brands.
  26. Things to do when you are bored.
  27. Cheap date night ideas.
  28. Where to go on a budget.
  29. What type of camera to use.
  30. Advise.
  31. Ideas for your birthday.
  32. Inspirational quotes.
  33. Fashion trends.
  34. Beauty hacks.
  35. What to get your significant other for Valentine's Day.
  36. Best apps for learning a new language.
  37. What to make in your craft club.
  38. How to make friends.
  39. Art ideas.
  40. Things to sew.
  41. Christmas ideas.
  42. Spaces to meditate.
  43. Which type of yoga suits you.
  44. Great home ideas.
  45. Halloween makeup ideas.
  46. Christmas fillers ideas.
  47. Place you would like to visit.
  48. Write a small story.
  49. Write about what you wanted to be when you grew up.
  50. Write a poem.
  51. Book ideas.
  52. Dream interpretation.
  53. Pet peeves.
  54. Hottest trends.
  55. The best technology.
  56. DIY ideas.
  57. How to declutter your wardrobe.
  58. What to do on a rainy do.
  59. Best board games to play with your family.
  60. What songs to add on your Spotify playlist.
  61. Unusual foods to try.
  62. Blog about your career.
  63. Write about something you are passionate about.
  64. Learn a new skill.
  65. Write an article.
  66. Discussions.
  67. Health and fitness for busy people.
  68. Male guide to female communication.
  69. Audition techniques.
  70. Fundraising ideas.
  71. A letter to someone special.
  72. Bad habits.
  73. women's lifestyle blog.
  74. Men's lifestyle blog.
  75. Feminism.
  76. Horoscopes and Astronomy.
  77. Life hacks.
  78. Learn sign language.
  79. Time management hacks.
  80. Mental health.
  81. Make money from home.
  82. Learning how to be more productive.
  83. 10 things you probably don't know about me blog.
  84. Travel essentials.
  85. 10 things I can't live without blog.
  86. Your morning routine.
  87. Your bedtime routine.
  88. A post about why you started blogging.
  89. Birthday wish list.
  90. Free activities to do in your city.
  91. Things to do with your friends.
  92. The best free apps online.
  93. Childhood memories.
  94. True stories.
  95. Politics.
  96. Different types of animals.
  97. Informative blogs.
  98. Write down a conspiracy theory.
  99. Share your goals.
  100. Tell a joke.
  101. Write about the most important lessons you have learned in your life.
  102. Offer free help in your industry.
  103. Make a blog about future plans.
  104. Create a bucket list.
  105. Create a glossary.
  106. Best treatments for your hair.
  107. Essential oils.
  108. Debate on something you are very passionate about.
  109. Become a food critique.
  110. Best cameras for taking great photographs.
  111. Do you enjoy your job?
  112. Post your social media addresses to gain more followers.
  113. Student life.
  114. Post your CV online.
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Things to Blog...
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