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They Hire, but They DON'T

Every job says they are hiring, but don't hire anyone. WHY?? Self-Experienced


There are a lot of job in the U.S.; it's around 6 million jobs. How about unemployed? There are around 6.8 million unemployed Americans and this can be increasing everyday. 

One of those unemployed Americans is ME. Hi, my name is Jesus, 21 years of age, Mexican-American and UNEMPLOYED. I finished school super late. I used to live in LA, but recently moved to a city called Tulare. In both city's I tend to get hired from known jobs, for example McDonald's, Starbucks, Target, Home Depot, Chuck-E- Cheese, Chipotle and Super Markets...etc. any store you can name.

The jobs that I have worked are just warehouse jobs. Not the best if your not into those kind of jobs. Not worth it especially when you're a U.S. Citizen. People tell me that there are plenty of opportunities if you're a citizen, if you have a HS Diploma or GED, 18 yrs or older, NO experience need. Then you realize, there NOT TRUE at ALL.

Lets be real for a bit, being unemployed is not fun, especially when you're an adult; you have things to take care of and bill to pay to help your household family or your own. We don't want to rely on our family members or older siblings to take care of our food expenses or buying clothing for us. It makes us feel BAD or especially BROKE!!!! Maybe cause we are, duhh, UNEMPLOYED??

No matter what we apply for or who we apply as, we won't get a call back or an email letting us know, like, "Hey we would like to have an interview with you in this day or this time," or "Sorry to tell you this, but we already found other candidates for the position you are hiring for thanks for trying!!!" Like come on man, I don't want to be in the sidelines waiting forever. I'm really in need of this job. 

Us unemployed get hit on very hard, but no hit on like dating wise. It's more like for example, "Go get a job," or "Why you broke, oh yea no job huh(then they laugh)" etc... I hate when people do or say stuff like that, it makes me want to just sock them on the jaw, hby? You might be laughing saying "true, true." 

OK so now lets go back to the point of us applying. We apply, apply and apply like on 50+ store and out of those 50+ stores we get 7 interviews. Out of those 7, 3 of those interviews are job events were 100+ people employed or unemployed try to get a new or first job. The other 4 interview are from an agency or from jobs that are in need for people to get hired. But out of those 7 interviews, 2 asks for a 2nd interview. You go for those 2, but then realize they are group interviews. What a bummer.

Now this is where it gets worse, not being jelly, but when you're in the group interview, most of them are good looking people and in model shape, while some of us look like blobs or scary looking people. The interview passes by and the day goes too. They tell you that they will CALL YOU, if its a GO or a NO. When they do, we find out it's a NO. Now we question ourselves,"WHAT, WHY, HOW COME????"

Well it's because:

  1. They are getting good looking models.
  2. The jobs are not really looking for people without experience or entry level, but with experience!!! Like WTF, so you mean everything that I did was for NO REASON!!!!!!!!

(It's getting out of hand, this story.)

Now getting into the point, that when jobs say they are hiring, they really don't mean it. It's all just a dumb lie. You'll see places saying NOW HIRING, APPLY ONLINE, ENTRY LEVEL. But do they really hire? NO.

I'm saying this because I have experienced this myself, every job that I have applied for has not hired me, in the last couple of months ever since 2018 started from the city of LA to TULARE. If you're in a situation where you can not get a job for any means, do not worry, you're not alone, because there are over 6+ million people who and might be unemployed around this world. You're welcome.

P.S. Thank you to those that are reading this, it's very helpful. If you know someone that is in this situation or somewhat similar to this, share it. This might not be the best writing as a writer, but this something new I'm trying out. I'm no writer, but I am a human, a human who struggles in life just like you. 

Thanks once again.

Jesus Cortez
Jesus Cortez

Hello my name is Jesus Cortez, i'm 21 yrs old, I love cooking, anime, drawing, music, and animals(reptiles especially.) Not into sports, but always curious on other stuff for example old art, history, and science. That P.I. is me, I did it.

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They Hire, but They DON'T
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