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The Worst Type of Writer's Block

Well, it sure is the worst for me!

I am currently going through what I would class as the worst type of writer’s block. This is when I know exactly what I want to write and I just need to get these points and ideas out of my system but I just don't know how.

Now, surely you're thinking: ‘Well if you know what you want to write and what points to make etc., then write them out and transform them into something and that may escalate into what you truly want.’ And as smart and intelligent as you are to think of as good an idea as that, I find it counterproductive. I find that If I'm writing it all out without it being in context, I'm still going to need to perfect it so it will make sense in the end, which is what drafts are for but I like to redraft complete pieces (I know, I'm very particular). The pieces I post to Vocal, they're very conversational because they're very thought based. What I don't post, I like to make them something that I'd enjoy reading over and over again.

Now, about the writer's block, every so often I get blocks of ideas of bits I can include and scenarios that I want to write about but I just cannot bring myself to do it. I'm unsure about whether or not it's my subconscious telling me I need to get what's already written at its best so I'm not just adding more rubbish or it's just that I don't know how to get something to be presented as good as I imagined it to be. I want things to be as realistic as possible but sadly you grow up and get taught to make your story writing assignments at school be as fantastical as possible and some people are able to grow out of that and I'd like to think I have, but elements of it are still trying to catch up to being as mature as the other elements if that makes any sort of sense.

For instance, my main issue is with dialogue, I just can't get it right. In my head, I can think of just straightforward conversations between characters but then I read it back and it just sounds either too robotic or too unrealistic for a pair of human beings to share a conversation like this. I also don't know how I'm to present it on a page without it dragging on for too long. Either I add in the way a character said something, which is very generic and can be irritating, or simply just move on to the next character but you don't want it to be back and forth because no human conversation is back and forth because nothing is straightforward. Ever.

Another issue is trying to allow a particular character to display emotions that I've never actually displayed myself. For instance, love. I am not a lovey-dovey person. Not that I don't believe in love or I'm like "Ew, love" because I think it's a beautiful thing. I'm only young so it's normal for me (I'm gonna assume that's true). I mean I've had crushes etc., but that's just been bottled up within me. I can write that very easily but if I'm writing about an opposing character who expresses love and whatnot, I find it difficult to be able to present that in a normal way because I haven't. What I think I'm saying is, I think I need to explore how to be able to write about people who are different to me or who feel things that I never have.

I think finally I have an issue with waffling. On here it's cool because it's my mind so I can go on and on and on and on and on and on… You get the point. But when writing a story, well personally, I like precision when it comes to novels. I like things that are straightforward (my word of the day it seems), straight to the point, and I like things to move along pretty quickly. But yep, you guessed it, I can't write like that! I'm going to blame my education again of being told to make sure I include numerous paragraphs of detail into how a character moves and presents themselves, so the reader is aware of what they're doing. I don't know why I continue to do this, even though I actually like less information so it doesn't distract from the storyline but may also allow for some twists if possible.

I’m hoping the moment I can turn all these things around and I can stop the waffling and let the character be how I want them to be and I can make the dialogue more interesting; then the quicker I can get out of this slump. Well, I truly hope so. 

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The Worst Type of Writer's Block
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