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The Way of the Scribe

Inspiration for Writers

All great writing is prophetic.


Because most readers don't know exactly what they're looking to read until it's already been written.

The Scribe must be tuned into reality at such a scale that they are comfortable writing in the shadows. Like the Creator of the Universe before inception, the Scribe must be prepared, willing, and able to call forth light out of darkness. To craft a world out of the void. To draw forth meaning out of the unassuming. To inspire, to rattle, to calm, to unnerve, to empower, to instill.

Scribes are communicators of truth on a fundamental level. Sometimes it's a common truth, sometimes it's a forgotten truth. Sometimes the writing doesn't point to any specific truth, but acts as a sure fire vehicle that points away from the lies. Sometimes it's directly spoken, and other times it's cleverly illustrated. Sometimes it's blunt, sometimes it's couched in entertainment.

Regardless of its form or function, one inviolable principle has stood the test of time...

The weakest writing is always the poorest at communicating a fundamental truth.

And here is where it becomes difficult for the Scribe. See, because the Scribe deeply understands- largely through their unique perspective of life and how it works- that the truth comes in layers. Levels. There are true things... and then there are more true things. The deeper you dive into the "more true," the more you will be deemed a heretic. Paradoxically, however, the deeper you dive into the "more true," the keener and more prolific your writing becomes.

And why is that?

Because the depths of truth is the living realm of the prophetic.

The people won't tell you that though.

They won't tell you that you have a legitimate ability to tap into unseen things. That you can know things without proof. They won't tell you that, because they CAN'T tell you that. They can only tell you what they see. It's why pitching a story depends on being able to make your vision visible and not just comprehended. It's why those writers with successful track records are more openly mined for their ideas than writers who haven't been discovered yet.

There's a skill element to be sure. Let's not minimize that in the slightest. Insight without ability makes for a wet fuse operationally. The Scribe must know their way around a sentence, be able to develop ideas on a page, keep a connected stream of thought, be true to their own voice, be engaging, and be creative (the extent of this depends on the genre in which the Scribe writes).

Skill sets good writers apart from bad writers.

But we're not just talking about being a good writer. We're talking about being a great writer. Being a Scribe. One whose way with the written word is as the effect of the butterfly's wings upon the wind- it raises itself to new heights, and yet causes ripples of change around the world.

All great writing is prophetic, because art itself is prophetic.

The ability to pierce thought through emotion, by means of an entirely unrelated medium is uncanny. To do so in a way that stirs up an answer or a need before the person is self aware of said answer or need is divine. The prophetic energies embued into art would take a whole other post to delve into respectfully. But art is prophetic, and great writing is the offspring of art in general.

I've always been bothered by the separation between "prose" writing and creative writing. Have you ever tried to write prose? It may be a bland experience for the reader, but it certainly requires its own creativity for the writer! There's an art to prose writing, just like there's an art to creative writing. Truthfully speaking they are both creative writing ventures- two sides of the same coin. But this reveals something about the imaginative evolution of the human species.

We teach identity based on acceptance.

You're only cool if others say you're cool- nevermind the fact that cool is always in flux and tends to cling to the confident. Money is only worth something because those in power say it is- the barter system was (in my opinion) better, because both parties got something they weren't pressured to value. Writing is only deemed creative if it appeals to the imagination of the reader- nevermind the fact that the writer literally had to create a clear way of communicating information.

You see?

Yet, great writing transcends all of that.

Prophecy permeates all veils, unlocking the core elements of the soul that tie into the universe itself.

Ever notice how a good book, or the right song, or the invested teacher, or the timely hug, or the engrossing film, or the scenic drive can just make you feel RIGHT? Even if your situation hasn't yet resolved, something within you is in harmony with everything outside of you.

This is preeminent among all the reasons Scribes must not quit.

This intangible ability of prophetic connection through great writing is going to come under attack. You're going to be insanely frustrated. Your projects aren't going to take off right away. People will like your status posts but won't click your blog links. You'll feel inspired driving home, but hopelessly groping for it as soon as you walk in the door. It'll seem like all your other writer friends and associates are having a peachy time of creating content, while you struggle miserably. The last time your written words impacted someone will seem millions of lifetimes ago. Your mind and emotions will turn on you and say that you HATE writing.

And this is when I need you to do three things.

  1. Remember your love for writing and tell yourself you love it. No matter how much you may not feel it in the moment, say it anyway. Remind your soul that you LOVE it.

  2. Understand that you have a responsibility. Nobody sees the world quite like you do, nor can anyone communicate it how you can. Be it prose creativity or imaginative creativity, NOBODY can tell that story like you can. Nobody can deliver the prophetic touch of healing the way you do. You have a responsibility to bring that into the world.

  3. Summon the last few positive reactions to your writing that you can recall. Doesn't matter how long ago or who it was. Summon it. Feel it. It matters. Your writing matters. And there are more people ahead of you to whom your work will matter. It has purpose. Meaning. Impact. IT MATTERS.

Read as much as you can. Listen to podcasts. Get feedback. Take writing classes. Watch interviews of great writers on youtube. You've been given a remarkable gift- there is no shame in striving to become better at it, nor does it lessen in value.

This is the way of the Scribe. To love the words, to bear the responsibility of the words, and to esteem the words.

All great writing is prophetic.

You are the Scribe.

Now get out there and write.

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The Way of the Scribe
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