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The Thousand-Dollar Parking Ticket

Yes, it really exists, and this is what I think of it.

So I was driving for Uber on a nice Thursday evening in Glendale, California. It was cooling off, and the streets were crowded with Angelenos enjoying the weather. 

I had three young ladies that were from out of town for my customers. The three ladies were enjoying their Uber ride, in my car, from the Fairfax district. They were actually at the Grove before wanting to visit the Americana Mall in Glendale. 

Once I got there, which took about a good 45 minutes or so, the girls were excited to get off right in front of this mellow place. Yes, people from all over Los Angeles come to the America to walk around and enjoy window shopping. The other option is to grab something to eat from the many delicious options that are available. 

The girls requested to get out on the opposite side of the mall to avoid making me make an illegal U-turn. So, I followed instructions to satisfy my customers. I moved over two lanes, let the bus go by, and then I safely pulled over. The girls got out and wished me a good evening, as I did the same to them. 

As as they got out, I turned off my hazards and proceeded to move on. It was only a matter of five seconds, when I heard a police siren. That quick 'peow' sound that makes one jolt. As I was pulling out, I saw a motorcycle cop on his bike yelling at me, "Stop right there." So, I did. 

When he approached my car, he asked the million dollar question: "Do you know why I am stopping you?" 

I said, "no." 

"Well, you are in a no parking zone so I am going to give you a ticket." 

I responded, "I am an Uber driver and only took a few seconds to drop off my customers." 

"Well, you are in a bus zone, and it is illegal to stop in a bus zone." 

"In my defense officer, I let the bus pass me so I would not disturb its route. See: The bus is over there, WAY ahead of me dropping off its passengers without being disturbed."

"Excuse me!" he replied while raising his voice. 

I knew for a fact this guy was jerk and was out to get me. 

"So, where was I supposed to drop the customers off?'

"Well, there is an alley about a block up, and, behind you, there is a drop off zone about a block and a half."

"But my customers wanted to get off here. What? Am I supposed to make them walk? That's bad customer service!"

"That's your problem" he said, reminding me that I was at a loss.

So he gives me the ticket and concludes by telling me if I had any questions, which I replied with a "No." When he walked away, I yelled out the window, "Thanks for ruining my evening officer!" 

I drove away. As he watched me go, I could see him itching to come get me as I drove away. Thank god he did not. 

Anyway, a month later, I get the court date notice and the fine is $1,100. Can you believe that! A thousand-dollar parking ticket! What a crock of you know what! BS! 

So, I decided to go fight this stupid over exaggerated ticket. It is not even considered a moving violation. Thank goodness that it will not go on my driving record either. Still, a thousand dollars for this crock of you know what! 

In the end, how does this police officer feel about himself giving out parking tickets that are worth a grand? How the heck does he go to sleep at night knowing that he has basically taken a month's rent out of someone's pocket? How does that make him a hero of society!? I mean, I am not a menace to society! Why should I have to pay for such a high fine for such a petty non moving violation? This is pure crap!

Is that what a real cop is!? I would understand if I was driving recklessly or even caused an accident with the bus. However, I safely made my moves so no one was disturb and somehow I pay an ultimate price. How does this guy live with that? Does that make cops feel good when they make someone fork out a bunch of money for such a minute infraction! That is pure crap! 

Police officers are great people, but the ones that act in this manner, giving out parking ticket that are worth one grand, seem to be very cowardly for me. That is low! I am a hard working tax-payer and feel like the law is way to harsh on this one! I am fighting it, and I will report on this later! 

Good day!

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The Thousand-Dollar Parking Ticket
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