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The T-Shirt Business

Etsy Easily Offended

I’ve been copywriting like there is no tomorrow. I’m trying to make myself extra money since I need to pay-up the taxes, although I might wind up paying it a touch late, if I can manage. I applied to a bunch of work from home jobs. I’m also busy writing my stories to make sure that I can publish something so as to make extra money. I hear you can make decent money writing online, so I’m going to try it. If I make extra money this month, I will buy myself a new t-shirt. The question is, should it be: “Bill W. Sent Me” or others such as “I have Schizophrenia,” or maybe “I take Medication.”

I’m embarrassed at my ideas sometimes, but it is really an in-your-face and funny way of telling people off or making sure that they quit assuming rude things. It is my method of dealing with stigma. My insulin pump is something most people know to avoid, even if it scared one of my yoga teachers to correct my posture, since she was scared of dislodging it. My infusion set is powerful stuff. It is made of the stickiest tape on the planet. It cannot be dislodged easily.

My t-shirt business is one way I have to become wealthy, or at least generate income. I need to generate more income, but I want a set of headphones. I’m asking for more donations from my readers because I need income. I’m growing desperate here because I’ve decided to work from home due to my knee injury being what it is. I’m still recovering, in the healing process. Yeah, I’d say money is one thing that scares me to death, both having more of it or spending it. You could say I have a guilt complex about the subject since it causes so much drama for most people.

Reading prosperity books like Catherine Ponder’s books are difficult for me. They talk a lot about letting go of the past as well as working towards manifesting money by imagining more of it. I don’t get how imagining money helps. I mean I’m low-income. To maintain my health care, I must remain low income. But at the same time, I need extra part-time income to support myself until eventually, I have more income. I’ve only had $1,000 a month for various jobs or less than that.

The Secret is also difficult for me, since imagination is not the only stage in the work. Pagans feel that you have to do real-world things like apply for jobs or find other ways of making income just to be able to manifest it at any level, period. Yes, I have never known what it is like to have real money. I have worked full-time before I got on my current income source. I want to make more money with the t-shirt business. But really, I don’t know if I have the ability yet. Etsy is an online store that I’m using to further my business goals. My blog can be upgraded to a business blog if I want to sell stuff on there, but I really don’t have the money right now.

I’m very low income, and it is getting ridiculous. I need to make more money. So I’ve applied for a string of remote work-from-home jobs. You go to a job search filter on a website and type in either freelance or remote. I’m looking for more work from home jobs. These days, work-from-home is all the rage. It is a hot new business trend. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. I have to pay up for my internet connection this year. Working from home is really easy. A whole lot easier than dealing with internal power struggles in an office. I need to sleep the whole night before that eventuality. I can work both from home and outside of the house. 

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The T-Shirt Business
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