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The Struggles: Part 2

Building and Maintaining Your Brand

Logo @drdoomsdaughters

Picking up where I left off, Instagram's algorithm can be overwhelming, confusing, and down right frustrating. They're constantly changing and updating their app, which can make it increasingly hard to keep up with what you need to do to have your page perform the way you'd like it to.

Sadly, you could be making the most AMAZING content and no one will see it. You need to use every aspect of IG to promote not only your page and your brand, but each individual post as well.

1. Hashtags

Hashtags are quite important, but can also bite you in the behind if you use too many, or the "wrong" ones. I try to stick with this method when I post.

Half of my hashtags are permanent, meaning I'll use them on every post to maintain routine and build my brand (ie: #drdoomsdaughter, #destinycommunity, #gamermemes, #originalcontent, etc)

The other half, I try to make more specific to the post itself. So if I'm posting a picture of my gaming set up, you may see hashtags such as #setup #ps4setup #gamerlife #console etc. Or if I'm posting a weapon of the weak, I'll use #angrycanadianreviews, #weaponoftheweak, #satiricalcomedy, etc., to further categorize that post for people searching specific things.

I also try to never use more than 25 hashtags. I feel the more you use, the more likely you are to be considered spam by Instagrams algorithm. This also happens if you use all the same hashtags, on every single post to avoid this with my permanent hashtags. I break up some posts by adding posts with absolutely NO hashtags whatsoever. 

2. Captions!

Captions are incredibly important for increasing your engagement with your followers, meeting new people, etc., You can add the basic quirky quotes that a lot of pages do, OR you can ask questions, that initiate the viewer to comment and start conversation on your post. Which in turn, leads other people to do so, which again, boosts your post because Instagram recognizes that people are interested in it.

I've heard rumors about IG's algorithm that states that your posts are shown to about 10% of your following within the first hour, and depending on the posts performance, will dictate whether it will be shown on the rest of your followers feeds. So within that first hour, it's super important that you respond to comments and engage.

3. Story Posts!

I use these a lot to promote my own posts when I first make them. This is because of that 10 percent rule. I learned that some followers may see my posts right away, but others see my story first. So this is a way to bring in more engagement to your post within the first hour. Just by letting people know in your story "Hey I have a new post up!" Can lead new people to head to your page and check out your posts.

Story posts are also good to build engagement as IG's algorithm is favoring them, as well as IGTV videos.

Make story posts with questions, polls etc., to get your audience interacting with you and others on your page. After all, even though you're building a brand, you're also building a COMMUNITY, so you want people to feel connected with each other on your page, not just you!

4. DMs

Answer them as much as possible. This can get quite overwhelming for some with bigger pages, but again it is important to maintain genuine engagement and communication with people that decide to follow you.

I'll leave you with this for now, I hope it helps! There's a LOT to learn when it comes to building a brand, and as much as I don't want to overwhelm you guys reading this, I also don't want to overwhelm myself trying to remember all the important things I'd like to share!