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The Secret to Becoming a Working Actor

Be a Successful Actor

The secret to having an acting career is knowing what's impossible for you to know; unless you're taught.

They say the game is to be sold, not told and that stands to ring true in Hollywood. Every year people come from all over the globe seeking stardom; some with more pure intentions than others. However, most stories end the same. Maxed out credit cards, sleeping in cars, evictions, taken advantage off, me too'd etc. Most resulting in broken dreams and mental defeat. 

What if I said people struggle for the same reasons. Not knowing how to get an network audition, not knowing how to get a good agent, not understanding industry standards with resumes, headshots and profiles, not knowing how to build your career in a way that a real respected agent or manager wants to represent you.

Then there's relationships/networking. 

So my advice for actors is first get into classes with respected schools and teachers. I say respected because not all schools and teachers/coaches will help your resumes. But there are some schools and coaches who are so respected that some shots come off the association alone. Also, since the most serious actors also attend, there's your beginning to creating relationships. It's important to study technique and the technical aspects. 

Secondly get good headshots at least five different looks to start with. Most respected agencies want six to nine up on your actors profiles. NOW beware most times after signing they will ask you to do new shots if they aren't good enough or are not giving the characters they want to sell you as. So your first five are all about you trying to self book to build your resume. Small indies, third and fourth year student thesis films at the top film schools and universities and short films. 

Third back to the resume. The resume helps get roles but you need roles to build the resume. With that said your headshots will help you book roles. Start your profiles on actors access and why? Because casting directors and agents use them. Yes! I said agents use acting sites. There's a talent side and an agent/manager side. So guess what! when you do the work to build that profile you become an agents dream because they don't have OVER invest in you. Once they sign you all you do is add them and BOOM you're connected. AND YES they see castings that talent doesn't have access to. 

Fourth video reels. Don't use fake reels! They are helpful with showing skills but be very careful on submitting it to agents!!! Not all agents are okay with that, some prefer REAL roles only and frown upon any thing other being presented. 

These are the basics that have most spinning for about ten years. Some have these pieces but they are all wrong and not industry standard or not properly packaged. Some have actors access and casting networks but they are built all wrong. Some have been working actors for years but aren't SAG eligible. It's a science and one needs guidance. Try to research as much as possible and find a trusted mentor whose already working with integrity and you'll soar!!! Good luck.

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The Secret to Becoming a Working Actor
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