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The Guide to Your Creative Side

Introduction to My DIY Pages

I'm not going to lie: I found this website out of sheer desperation.

I thought I had two different jobs in the bag for this summer; bombed one interview, and didn't get the other job I had applied for and so desperately wanted. I work in the field of the arts (acting, visual art, dance, etc.), so jobs are hard to come by, but I didn't think that I would be one out of four months into my summer jobless, heading for broke, and so desperate that I needed to blog on the internet.

To be honest, I thought blogging died.

I’m not normally the person to rant to strangers, but I saw opportunity and a way to express myself in this site. I thought: what if I could produce content that not only brings a smile to people’s faces and brightness to their day, but something that would greatly interest me, and still keep me in touch with my creative side?

So, I created this: The Guide to Your Creative Side!

I am a very creative person when it comes to anything artsy, so most of the content I will be producing might be DIY's, tips to embrace your creativity, and so much more. I am also a very over the top, perfectionist kind of person, so everything I produce will have a guarantee of sheer elegance, and/or amusing content.

I guess you can say my goal is to introduce creativity into the lives of others.

Just so you get to know me a little bit: I am such a creative person. You give me anything artsy to do, and I will do it very well (except drawing, but even that’s coming along). I grew up a dancer, I go to college for Musical Theatre, so I dabble in the singing and acting as well, and I am a choreographer, film crew, editor, and manager for my friend’s Youtube channel (check out her channel: Jokat on Youtube [subscribe while you’re there :P]). I dabble in everything, and I figured I might as well try writing. One more thing to check off, right?

I write on occasion. I haven’t in a while, though. I used to only write fanfiction (ahh the pre-teen years), but I have grown, and I’ve dabbled in writing here and there. I normally just rant and edit my rant (edit: I’ve done that with this piece), because most of the writing assets I have are from High School English class.

And yes, I will still be looking for a cashier job at some random grocery store because they always hire and I am qualified, but I want more out of my summer, and my life than a minimum wage job that will lead to nowhere. I want to produce content that I will enjoy, and that all of you will as well.

So without further ado: here is what you will find from me!

  1. Creative content posted minimum thre to four times a week (or more if I feel like it)
  2. Any/Everything arts and craft, home decor, and/or event planning
  3. General Tips and Tricks to introduce a bit of Creativity and Personality into your work/school/home life
  4. Very aesthetic results <3

As this is a new site/tool for me it will take some getting used to, but hopefully as I continue to face the fact that technology will continue to stump me and freak me out, I can produce helpful content to make your days brighter, and more colourful.

So stay tuned for the first installment of:

The Guide to Your Creative Side!

And I’ll catch you in my next post,


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The Guide to Your Creative Side
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