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The Deeter Dialogue Blog

A Record of My Career Adventure and Random Thoughts

Here Begins My Journaling Journey

My Ultimate Goal

I'm a multi-genre Indie romance author who's written 13 books under my own name. I previously worked as a ghost writer who put out 37 books in four years. Yes, full-length novels. I'm not plugging myself when I say that, just providing a little background about myself.

Most of my own books are Western Historical and Native American romance, but I have a paranormal romance book out, as well as one that's a Western contemporary, shifter/supernatural romance. So, I'm branching out and trying new things, which is so much fun!

I prefer to write book series instead of stand-alones because I love exploring character arcs and creating new stories for old characters even though they're not the main focus of the story. My readers also enjoy keeping up with what previous characters are doing--births of babies, family issues, etc.--almost as though these fictional people are real (and aren't they really?).

While I adore writing my book series, those books aren't my ultimate goal. They're a vehicle to get to my career destination, to realizing my dreams. Many authors have the same dream as me--to have their books bought by Hollywood producers. But my dream is perhaps different or maybe a little more greedy than theirs.

Rather than feature films, I dream of having my Chance City Series made into a TV series. There are six books--and counting--out so there's easily enough material in them to provide the first season since all my books contain subplots. Weaving them in with the main ploy is second-nature to me and irresistible. I may start out with only one plot in mind, but the second one is insidious and won't let me ignore it.

Anyway, I realize that my goal is a big one, perhaps to grandiose to achieve, but that doesn't stop me from believing I can succeed. After all, without hope and effort, where would we be as a race? If our forefathers hadn't tried to create the wheel, we'd all still be walking or riding horses. There would've been no wagons to help us haul things, or to provide an easier means of traveling. No trains, planes, or automobiles to get us from point A to point B so fast, thus saving valuable time and expending less energy.

So, while I've set some huge goals with seemingly insurmountable odds, I won't stop dreaming or creating because something tells me that if I do, I'm going to miss out on some incredible opportunities. And at my age, 46, the time to act is now while time is still on my side.

Why am I writing this, you may ask? Why make my goals and dreams so public? Because I tend to procrastinate (as do many) and I need accountability. So, I'll try to write every day and keep you all updated on my progress so that I'm forced to keep moving forward and not stagnate or become discouraged during this journey. Thank you all for coming along on this adventure with me and I look forward to keeping you up-to-date on how things are going.

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Robin Deeter
Robin Deeter

Robin Deeter fell in love with the written word the day she picked up “The Black Stallion” by Walter Farley. Author of the Chance City Series and the Paha Sapa Saga. Visit her website, for news about all her books.

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