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The Day I Danced Freely

I did it for self-care.

I graduated college a year, one month, and one day ago. It's been a struggle. I got a B.S in Mass Communications, emphasis in Electronic Media. My goal is to work for an online media company such as Buzzfeed or companies like Conde Nast. If you don't know Conde Nast Entertainment, I got one hashtag for you...#HurtBae. 

I know since I'm starting out in my career that it's best to search for entry-level jobs. I've searched everywhere for a job—any job. I applied for Production Assistant jobs, Assistant jobs, Video Production Assistant jobs, Communications Coordinator jobs, Production Coordinator jobs, Marketing Assistant jobs, and etc. I would get interviews here and there, but I would never get the job. I got a sales job, and I highly disliked it. I quit and got a freelance job as a Videographer. Then I got a Video Editor intern position at a start-up, barely making any money. The struggle is real to get a full-time position. 

I've worked other freelance gigs, and I was able to get a camera. Thank the lord for my camera! I make my own content on my own. I strive to invest in more equipment to do more. I'm excited about my future. I work hard, and I know what I want.  I'm grateful for my jobs and the opportunities. I'm grateful for my family. However, no one fully prepared me for the post-grad life. Ever since I graduated, I haven't even felt like working out at all. My life did a 180 after college. I won't even begin to address the terrible accident I was in a few weeks after graduation, but today I danced. I locked myself in my room and played Amara La Negra's songs (If you don't know her then here). I also played Neyo's new song called "PUSH BACK" and danced! I danced like no one was watching for real. I danced freely.

Let me tell you that I've probably felt the most energized I have ever felt! I took a step back, and I freely did something I needed to do for my mental health. I did it for self-care. My encouragement is that we all take a step back from this crazy thing called life and do something freely, unapologetically for ourselves. I don't care what it is. I don't care if it's as simple as going for a walk, or getting dressed up to see a play. I don't care if it's baking, cooking, sleeping, playing basketball, going out with your camera to take pictures, swimming, running, singing, listening to music, going out dancing, or dancing in your room. Do it and do it freely. We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life sometimes that we forget to even sit and hear our thoughts. 

While I'm at at it, life is brutal, so whatever you do, I applaud you. Whoever you are, I applaud you. I don't care if you're a mom, dad, teacher, CEO, COO, campus missionary, pastor, director, producer, manager, doctor, lawyer, engineer, actor, student, cashier, salesman, saleswoman, writer, or even a dancer (all kinds of dancers). Yes, all kinds of dancers because we're all just trying to do the best we can. We all have a story to tell. My prayer and hope is that as humans we all strive to love people, and aspire to understand one another. 

If you need a break from what you do, then take a break. Do something for self-care, and do it freely like no one's watching. 

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The Day I Danced Freely
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