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The Beauty of Vocal

Read and Write


You're currently on this site scrolling through different articles. Vocal is this writer's YouTube. You can write about anything you want and express yourself on everything without any restrictions. It's a platform which allows users to be journalists, they just get paid a lot less. Allow me to elaborate.

Now, let me first tell you about writing. According to the dictionary, the simplest meaning of writing would be the act of composition of text. The metaphorical definition of writing, however, goes to much wider boundaries. Writing is this form of expression. It's this kind of performance where you can share your thoughts with yourself and with the world. It's this thing where you can express happiness, sadness, intimacy, and literally every emotion in the world. It's this extremely calming thing that drags you back to reality and de-stresses you. Let me give you an example: a few months ago I just moved into ninth grade expecting it to be just like the eighth grade. Well, I was mistaken. Ninth grade was this total 360 degree spin. I cried over my school performance every day, and every day I wrote  about my feelings, and in those moments I completely forgot about everything. At those moments I felt happy.

Vocal is this site that you to to express yourself on anything you like, even if you have minimal knowledge of that particular thing. Vocal also has an incentivizer, and that is money; creators on the site can write, and depending on how many views they tally up, they get money, roping in other writers to try it out and see their success in the field. This not only gets already seasoned writers, but writers who have just begun exploring the prospect. It functions as a wonderful way to practice while having an incentive for a young and coming writer. Vocal also improves skills in the English subject. It allows a user to improve his or her language structure and truly allows them to refine their skills in English to the purest form. But all I have said till now is just a branch of the beauty of Vocal. The real beauty comes from what I am about to say next,

This site allows the user to have fun, to write about what they love and why they love it and why it should be loved by everybody else. It allows the user to be themselves through letters, paragraphs, and sentences when other people may not want them to be like that. Vocal allows people to find other people just like themselves; people who have the same infatuations and obsessions with things—something other sites cant really do. It allows a person to find a community of people just like themselves.

Vocal is a platform where the common community can REALLY express their opinion on things. A person who does not want to publicly go out on the streets and protest can silently and peacefully protest on this website and have other people hear him or her. It allows an expansion to the thought of the right to freedom of expression, just like it allowed me to express my view on many things like the other users present here.

Vocal is a place where people can spread their own personal memoirs as well. People can go on an extremely personal medium of public thought on Vocal. They can share their memories of adventure, loss, regret, among many others. Vocal allows the expression of thought and emotion which goes beyond the common blog, which only allows their friends and family to view their daily thoughts and emotions (mostly). Vocal allows a blog; a medium of journalism that goes out to the whole world.

This way of expression and thought on Vocal, I believe, generates its true beauty. 

-A crazy teenager

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The Beauty of Vocal
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