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Carolin Petterson4 months ago
5 Tech Trends for Boosting Productivity in the Workplace
Many people consider gadgets and apps a great distraction from the “real” work, but their influence on productivity is pushing more and more employers and employees to implement them in their workday....
Timothy Trimble5 months ago
Juggling Writing
How to Juggle Your Writing With a Real Life!
Sandra Fender5 months ago
Escaping the Rat Race!
In every civic and civil society, in every city, town, and village in the western hemisphere, the UK notwithstanding, you will find the masses going off to work for their employer. Some work five or s...
Such A Geek5 months ago
The Journey of Creation
We all have those weeks. The weeks where we look at our journal, or our consoles, or cameras, and just think to ourselves, "Maybe tomorrow." Which becomes the next day. And the next. And the next. And...
Rachel Hicks5 months ago
Perceptions of a Desk
Success, the word that seems too unattainable. The striving word of our past, present, and future. But how in our society have we defined success and why is the pressure for the "desk" so apparent? Ou...
Zachery Lee6 months ago
On My Way (Working for Moeller)
So, like I said, I haven't had many jobs in my life cause, I'm usually pretty good at keeping them. This place however, felt the need to "get back" at my name because my brothers created a shitty look...
J.B. Potenza6 months ago
Productivity and Cooking Eggs
There are many different ways to cook an egg. There's the classic scrambled, the simple boiled, and the daring fried variety. There's also poached which I tried for the first time just last week. They...
Quality Concepts6 months ago
Letting Go of Being Let Go.
When I was five, I had learned that I had a love for art. I would draw every chance I could get. It was just a passion I held at that early age. Cartoons, obviously, were an influence at the time. As ...
Carolin Petterson6 months ago
Make Your Warehouse More Organized with Line Marking
Warehouses are usually very large spaces with complex logistics and a number of functions. Every little thing that can be done to improve the organization and safety of the employees should be serious...
David Lasher6 months ago
Best Parts of Being an Intern
There are many pros to being an intern at a company. Most people think that the "intern" doesn't do much but I am here to explain why interns do more than you would think. For example, whenever the of...
Lizzy Arrow6 months ago
Learn from It!
When you have a schedule planned out of what you need to do each week, you soon realise that without it, things go out of the window. That's when you end up spending two days unable to do anything you...
Rasheeda Odufuwa6 months ago
Breaking Out of the Comfort Zone
"I'm continually trying to make choices that put me against my own comfort zone. As long as you're uncomfortable, it means you are growing" —Aston Kutcher If stepping out your comfort zone scares you,...
Samuel M.6 months ago
Things I Learned From
Early this spring I had the privilege to take a screenwriting course at Houghton College as part of my writing major there. Going into it, I was both scared and excited. It was a completely new form o...
Michelle E. Wong6 months ago
Love to Cook, Hate to Eat
Let me start off by saying I love food, cooking, and everything in between. I'm passionate about where my ingredients come from, the farmers who grow or raise my products, and I'm borderline obsessed ...
Gin Perry6 months ago
Showing Up Is Half the Battle
When do you create? Do you only create when inspiration strikes and you feel this manic need to express it? Will you pick up the pen or paintbrush only if an idea has clearly presented itself in your ...
Gin Perry6 months ago
Talent Without Skill is Useless
I am constantly humbled by other artists. There is so much talent and skills out there, at times I feel like I can't even categorize myself an artist. Rather, I'm just a kid playing around with some p...
Lynn Heckman6 months ago
Suffering From Writer's Block
You're writing a novel and the sentences are flowing, the scene is set and suddenly, you're stuck. Sound familiar? You guessed it, that dreaded thing we call writer's block. I have struggled with it f...
Jenny Medeiros6 months ago
Stressed and Overworked? Here's How To Relax and Boost Productivity at The Same Time
“What! The project is due for Monday? I’ll get right on it!” You shout before putting down the slice of toast you thought was your phone and promise yourself you’ll try to get more sleep tonight. We’v...