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Amelia Flynn6 days ago
Modern Dilemma of Vaping in Office
Recently, the newfangled thing—the electronic cigarette—has gotten more and more attention to attract fans to drag on tobacco. Some consider it a less harmful alternative to a regular cigarette, some ...
Shelby Weimera month ago
Tamp This! Pros + Cons of Living the Life of a Coffee Wizard
As a former barista, I can say that I have learned a lot about people in general. There’s a lot of people-watching, unpleasant interactions, and every now and then, surprising friendships. I’ve learne...
Leila Doraria month ago
How to Get Things Done When Working from a Coffee Shop
The way global business is conducted nowadays has given rise to a trend of working from home. The web and the papers are full of articles on how to set up a home office, listing privacy, and the abili...
Lydia B.a month ago
Dear Customers, You Suck
Dear Customers, You truly suck the life out of the workers at the grocery store, market, or whatever else you call one of the hugest parts of the service industry. You may think "I'm always nice, it's...
Curtis Deana month ago
Beating Employee Stress: 6 Ways Music Can Enhance Employee Well-Being
“Getting into the real world” often times can mean one thing—getting into work or a job as an employee. The truth is being an employee is, considerably, one of the most challenging roles that one will...
John Huntera month ago
Workplace Culture
We have all had one, or more; that boss you just can't stand, the micromanaging, ass riding, disrespectful person that gets to dictate exactly how you do your job. Even if they themselves have never d...
Shawn Mikea month ago
How an Enterprise PDF Editor Can Simplify Workflow in Small Businesses
IT is evolving every day and it is affecting everything it touches. There has been a significant change in workplace dynamics as well. Employees have started working in more flexible ways such as on m...
Kevin Gardner2 months ago
6 Unique Ways to Improve Efficiency in the Company
Now is a good time to think of numerous ways to increase the productivity of your employees. Workers are spending most of their time at the office. Some of them are working well over the typical 40-ho...
Kevin Gardner2 months ago
8 Tips to Make Your Work Day Easier
Mental health is not only facilitated by a healthy diet, but peace of mind also enables it. Being free from stress at work will allow you to have optimal mental health and quality of life. Here are ei...
Afro Strong3 months ago
I Convinced People to Buy a $2,000 Vacuum
3 Weeks of Dying on the Inside
Reigning Women3 months ago
4 Ways to Stay Motivated Throughout Your Work Day
So many of the women in our community work full-time, have side-hustles, podcasts, and different ventures they're pursuing. That said, they need to be on top of their game at all times and normally ca...
Jilian Woods3 months ago
5 Tools That May Help You Manage Your Working Hours More Effectively
How many times have you discovered that you’ve delegated your work badly, misjudged how long a project will take to be completed, or poorly prioritised your tasks… only then to discover that the hours...
Marcus Azaria3 months ago
Goals for Being Self-Sufficient
Okay, so there are many ways for me and others to achieve this. I am going to go over it in expressions and show my work for achieving these goals. So we will explore the ways for achieving certain go...
Maurice Bernier4 months ago
I've Had Much Better Days!!!!
I am tired. No. I am VERY tired. No. I need to get some sleep. I want to close my eyes for about nine hours of good solid sleep. Yes, that's what I so desperately need right now. Why? Read on, dear so...
E.J. Hagadorn5 months ago
So You Want to Work on a Cruise?
It’s not surprising how many people want to work on a cruise ship. The idea of living and working on a boat, sailing out to sea and seeing new places, has a certain kind of romance about it. Just know...
Dan Fowlks5 months ago
A Shred of Decency
I am a filmmaker. A storyteller. When I came across this amazing story in November of 2018, I immediately started to adapt it for the screen. This is a story of life among the chaos of death in Decemb...
A. M5 months ago
Life at the Theatre
I don’t know if this is a surprise to anyone, but people are constantly throwing up at the theatre. If we go a day with someone not throwing up, it is a miracle. Luckily, we are not the ones to clean ...
Marcus Azaria5 months ago
Coming Up
I've been in and out of the psychiatric hospital ever since my teenage years. It really started with my single parent upbringing—not having anything we wanted and being frustrated with nothing to do a...